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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Sharing and Caring...please help if you can!

Some sad news today, a fellow artist friend  is in need of our help as a creative and generous community, due to the loss of his dog, home, and studio to a devastating fire last week.  I hope to raise a little bit of funds by auctioning off two of my pieces this week with the benefits going to John Walters to help rebuild his life.

Here is more of his story:

Witzel Art Fans,

As many of you may know, John's home and studio went up in flames last Wednesday. He lost everything. John did manage to get his elderly neighbor out of her apartment seconds before the building was engulfed in smoke and flames. Because of his heroic actions, no human lives were lost, but John did lose his beloved dog Jake. Equally horrifying was the loss of 20,000 of commissioned work scheduled to be picked up later that very day.

The Georgetown community has surrounded him with love and kindness and is helping the healing process move forward. In the aftermath, John has been left with no home, no studio and no means of creating his magnificent art that we all love. There were several pieces hanging in another building left untouched from the fire that will be up for silent auction at our fundraiser on Monday night at Portofinos in Georgetown. Hopefully the sale of these pieces will give John the seed money needed to replenish his art supplies and rebuild his life. These are the only pieces he has left. Please help us get the word out to any potential collectors and enable John to make the world a bit more beautiful with his creations. Donations will be gratefully received. Many thanks!

20x20 Metallic Print of my painting Dance of the Jellyfish. To bid on this item, click on the image:
I know all to well how emotionally and financially this can take a toll on one's life, please consider donating if you can or bidding on one of my items to help raise funds.

The other item I'd like to donate is a 30x30 original painting called "Tangled" . This is a truly beautiful piece with contemporary earthy and oceanic tones created with the highest quality artist paint available.   Due to the size of this item, I can only ship domestically.   To bid on the piece, please click the image or HERE.

I had a fire in my home in 2006, and I can't tell you how uplifting it was to have people surround me with love and prayers and how I was only able to get back on my feet due to the generosity of friends, family, and so many people I never met or knew that just rallied around us to rebuild our lives. Hopefully by sharing some of my own work and by sharing John's story, I can help pay my good fortune forward to someone else now.   

If neither of these items are of interest to you and you'd just like to donate, one of John's customers has set up a paypal donation link that you can just donate immediately what you can.  Much thanks and gratitude in advance.

You never know when life can change in an instant,  for ourselves or for those around us.   Say a prayer today for John and take a moment to look around your own life and be grateful for what you have.  


Nicole said...

Wow, I hope things get better for John; you are a wonderful friend to help him like this. Your artwork is beautiful & I'll post a link on my FB page to help spread the word about it. Best wishes & hopes for better days! -Nicole

Nicole said...

I think I might have been a little late in seeing this... Is your auction done? I'll post links to his page as well, maybe some good will come ;)