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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Soul Food....WINNER IS...

Hello friends!  I'm a bit late posting  the news about our Soul Food workshop winner, so sorry! I'll be announcing the winner in just a minute...:) 

 My travels this week led me to a beautiful little town in Tennessee where I taught 2 classes at the Art Barn which is owned by the lovely Dawna Kinne Magliacano( who is a super talented artist and teacher herself) , and can I just say we had a blast!  Look at all these shiny happy faces!!  Our first class was "Paint the Town" which was an in person version of my online class, "Funky Little Cityscapes.  It was so great to meet these two group of students, everyone had such a unique take on all the projects as always, it's fun to see it all come together into the amazing fun work that they did!
(picture courtesy of the Art Barn).

Be sure to check out more of the photos and like the Art Barn on Facebook! And of course if you are in the neighborhood, stop on by!  They very often have classes on the weekends and craft nights every here and there during the week!

I have to send a special thank you and shout out to my new friend Brenda Bliss Delaney who hosted me for this event, it was so great to meet one of my 'art sisters' in person and be so welcomed in her beautiful home.   Thank you Brenda for everything!!!

It's funny how things work out,  I met Brenda in Nashville when I was a vendor for the Art Is You retreat this spring, it was an event that I decided at the last minute to join in know, it was one of those things that I could very easily fallen flat on my face because it's a 9 hour drive, 2-3 days away from home and only a 5-6 hour event. But as it turned out, several great things happened because of following my gut instinct to go...from having a great sales turn out, to picking up a new gallery (Hello friends at 413 Glassworks)
 ...making new friends that are very precious to me...and Brenda helping me take on this opportunity to teach in Tennessee again....And I was invited to TEACH at Art is You in Memphis next year because of my vending at the event. WHHHOOO HOOOO!!

See...following your gut has a way of putting you exactly in the right place at the right time for multiple reasons.

And for those of you who decided to stop by my Soul Food blog post and join in for a chance  to win, well for one of also turned out to be a lucky decision because someone of course won a full tuition to the class (a value of $125.00)!!! See....amazing things happen when you just go for it!

I loved reading the stories of what feeds YOUR Soul...oh my, it's worth going back and just reading all the comments. So much to be grateful for, isn't there?

I think that when you take a look at your life, and put things into perspective, there is so much gratitude to share, so much to yet experience, and so many people yet to touch in some way.

I've been thinking about all of this and more lately...perspective is a word that I want to dive in more in another blog post that's kinda sorta related to feeding your soul. Well, I won't keep you in suspense anymore...the winner of the Soul Food Class is:

Miss Lura Brown....

whooohooooo Lura!!  Lura has been a facebook follower/friend of mine for a while and has had her share of ups and downs but it's great to read from her post that she has overcome a lot of her obstacles and found her happy place.  It's amazing what a renewed sense of purpose can do for one's 

I hope that this prize to you Miss Lura continues to feed and nourish you in  the way that you deserve to be for years to come.
Lura, email me at to claim your prize!

 Until we meet again,  remember that life's big moments are few and far's the little moments, the little things that really comprise our greatest gifts and memories.


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Brenda Bliss said...

Jodi!!! It was awesome spending time with you this weekend! Please come back anytime! I LOVED your classes! Can't wait to art around with you again! Hugs and Love!

Lura said...

jodi, this has been such a bad day today, dealing with lawyers, doctors, and pharmacies, etc. but i kept saying tomorrow is another day. but instead tonite was another way to make today still be great. i cant believe i won this i so needed this not only for today but for my SOUL! thank you so much for the opportunity to feed my very hungry soul with this amazing class. many thanks and much love. xoxox lura

Dawn Gold said...

CONGRATULATIONS LURA - lucky girl, enjoy.

Jodi so glad you gained so much for making the drive to TN well done and carry on living that dream you had when you left the bank - so happy for you