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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Create Because Your Life Depends On It

Whooohooo...what a fun week it's been reading all of your comments about the article, the colors and texture of my new pieces, and the upcoming classes and retreats.  Life is good, and so happy you have been inspired by my little corner of creativity!


I truly believe that adding creative time to your every day routine can do so much for your health.  Just like exercise strengthens your body,  art and creating strengthens and heals your mind. 
 Adding color, texture, memories, words and YOU to a physical creation that you can say, I created this with my own two hands, with my heart and soul...well, it feeds your soul.

It's funny because I've spent the large majority of my adult life away from creating.  It took a moment or truthfully, years...of crisis and chaos in my life and in my mind to draw me back into that which has turned out to be my own personal salvation.  I could say, why did that all have to happen, but the answer as murky as it may be is,  because, why not me? Hard times are spared by no one, it's how you deal with them that make you the person that you are today.  

I guess I mention this today because I've had to deal with a person in my life that time and time again has chosen to take the road of destruction rather than the road to health and well being.  I became distracted, anxious, sad, upset, helpless and down right angry,  as I dealt with this person because they still have not learned how to cope with their own issues and how to rise above rather than fall into temptation.  All I wanted to do was paint and escape them.  I wanted to run and get away from the toxic air around them.  So I did paint. I did create, and these are two pieces I finished this week despite the chaos that surrounded me when the week began. 

I also mention this because Monday was really the escalation point of the drama I was surrounded by and it was also the day that I posted my giveaway and shared the news of our new venture, ReMe
Your messages and comments gave me strength to deal with the situation at hand...and then I painted to deal with it some more.  Sometimes you can't run away, but you can ease the stress when you need it most by infusing creativity into your life.  Some people choose to escape and hit the bottle or worse, I chose to deal with it and then hit the paint bottle. It works. But back to my point, thank you for all the words of inspiration and positive affirmations.  It really meant a lot to me, and I'm so happy to announce the winner of my painting and art goodies, without further adieu....the winner is:

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Tracy said...
I'd love to win! and I can't wait to take your class in a few weeks at The Art Barn :)


Tracy said...

yay! that's so awesome! thank you <3

paintergal said...

Congrats Tracy ! lucky you!

Brittany said...

I don't believe my comment posted on your last post, but I just wanted to let you know that you are such an inspiration to me and I love following your journey. I'm so glad that we met! I relate to your blogs and posts a lot and find it easier to cope with my issues by following you. Thank you for being you! XO

And congratulations to Tracy!!

Tori Burgess said...

Congrats Tracy and thank goodness you turned to the paint bottle Jodi! I still wholeheartedly believe the best artists come from a path of difficulty...

Jeanann said...

Congratulations Tracy! I am so jealous :)! Thank you Jodi for being such a wonderful inspiration.

allmixedup art said...

Such wonderful color combinations in these pieces...makes me want to grab my art journal!