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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Regenerate and Redefine

20x20 mixed media acrylic painting


 to re-create, reconstitute, or make over, especially in a better form or condition.

to revive or produce anew; bring into existence again.

Biology . to renew or restore (a lost, removed, or injured part)..
Physics. to restore (a substance) to a favorable state or physical condition.

Most of you probably already knew this...but I just re-remembered when I was looking at some photo references for starfish that they are a species that can regenerate a broken or missing limb.
Amazing.  I wish we all could do that, especially those that were injured in the tragic events last week in Boston...or to those brave soldiers that have been injured and lost limbs while fighting for our freedom....sigh...
...since we can't grow back what's lost in our body or symbolically in our spirit when things go awry in life, it is however possible to transform our mind into a new existence.  How does one transform against all odds?  I wish I knew. I think the best any of us can do is to breathe...let go...forgive...forget..move on..and try to grab on to whatever determination and initiative you have to reinvent your world based on your new circumstances, whatever they may be.

Lately I crave peacefulness and quiet.  I am by nature, introverted (that is unless I truly know someone)  but by being introverted, I don't necessarily want to be alone...just in a state of calmness in my surroundings, needing time to think and reinvent, climb higher, and move forward.
 There is advice at every corner and coming from every angle letting me know how or what I should do to accomplish this but in the end, I simply want to do better and do better at what I do. Does that make sense?  And do it at a steady not work 16 hours a day pace.  Regenerating is a funny thing. It comes in many packages, and reveals itself in it's own sweet time.
This week I will be heading out again to the coast, partially business and for part pleasure--restocking galleries in the outer banks, doing some prospecting, market research, photography,  planning for a big event that I will be participating, and then, finally a few days with friends on one of the most peaceful and serene islands Ocracoke. I can't wait to see the water. Feel the sand.  Dig for treasures, laugh with kind souls, and create with the wind outside facing the sun.
Peace.  That's what I really crave right now and can feel it surrounding me because I've starting to calm myself down. I know it's especially important because big changes are coming, and I want to take them on from a place of grounding.
Hope you find that your feet firmly planted as you leap onto the next leg of your journey.

*The painting above was completed with a sheen of inka gold over top some of the textured areas along with over the starfish created a creamy metallic glow on the canvas.  LOVE these products I was given to sample out from my friends at Splash of Color, and Leslie Ohnstad! They are very simple to use, can be rubbed on with your fingers or a brush then buffed out a bit with a soft cloth. If you use them over top of Silks Acrylics, the effects are even more vibrant! Stay tuned for more projects using these cool supplies!

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Jan said...

Love your work! I am doing 21 secrets and really looking forward to your class. Have you heard of the book Quiet by Susan Cain. I think you would love it.