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Sunday, November 04, 2012

A New Normal...Life is Short. October in Review and Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Hello November.....I feel bad as I've been a slacker blogger lately, please forgive me. Instead of stopping for an intimate dinner with friends over here, I've been opting for joining the quick hit fly by get togethers over at Facebook.   I promise that I will be more social over here as this is where it all began and I don't want to loose sight of that.  Let's stop and slow down a bit more. I think the events of lately both in my own personal world and the bigger world out there (on the East Coast with the terrible monster storm, that has reeked havoc for so many), has taught me that life is short, and everything is precious. Especially time.  

I was looking over my 800 some photos  from October as I was trying to find some to share and it was almost impossible to choose.  So I decided instead to do a short video montage of some of the highlights of where I have been.    Starting off with my time at Art Is You in Stamford, CT--then heading to Raleigh, NC to share some local artsy projects with my friends at the Carolina Mixed Media Guild, to taking a break with my boys and going to the NC State fair, to getting ready for a going to the show in Johns Creek, Ga, to spending the last 6 weeks with my online class, Painterly in Pink...these are just a few of the things done and accomplished over the last four weeks. I was wondering where time went but after looking at all my photos, it was a month full of adventure even though it whizzed by in a flash of the eye.

Take a look at October in Review...and thank you for sticking with me during this 'quiet' time. sure to see the end of the post for a way you can help with a special project.....

Tragedy is never easy to deal with, but as a nation and a community, YOU can lend a helping hand to those in need.  Please join myself along with Art Is You, Pam Carriker, Sue Pelletier, Kim Geiser, and several other sponsors (Art is...You, Adorn Me!, An Artful Journey, The Artful Gathering and Vivi Magoo Presents) of a special fund raiser for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Stop by our Hurricane Relief website and see what prizes you can win donated by the artists if you participate along, as well as for ideas on what YOU can do to raise money and donations for our FRIENDS in crisis. What are you waiting for....stop over to Art Is You, Hurricane Sandy Relief effort now!
 Illustration (Ipadoodle) by Kim Geiser
Let's do what we can to help get our communities, cities and states, our PEOPLE back to normal as soon as we can.  Remember, every little bit helps.  

Thank you all so much for spending some time with me today and thank you in advance for helping those in need. Live a generous life. It's the right thing to do.

Jodi Ohl

1 comment :

Maureen Hayes said...


I just had to post a comment because I am sitting here freezing on Day 8 of no power because of Hurricane Sandy. I live in Long Island with my elderly mom and we are freezing, hungry and scared. We feel like everyne has forgotten about us and moved on. Tha k you for reminding people that a lot of us are still suffering.

God bless you for doing this,