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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Butterflies and Creative Fun All Around!

 Hello Kids! I'm super excited today, you know the kinda excited as if it were the night before school starts after a long summer break--looking forward to making new friends, learning new things--the butterflies in your stomach kinda excited only instead of being the student, I'm the teacher!

Today is the day before my NEWEST online class gets launched and it is going to be GREAT fun, with tons of content as we work on a variety of different artsy things, building the foundation  towards 2 main projects--a portrait painting on canvas and one on watercolor paper using Silk glazes, pencils, ink, and a few other acrylic paints.  You'll learn everything from drawing tips on facial features, to learning about silk glazes,  ideas to jump start your creative compositions and more!

Look at these yummy colors how could you resist?
 Unique to this class is the fact that along with every registration, you will get a 30.00 coupon to try out the beautiful silk acrylic glazes we will be using in class! 

I will walk you along several exercises that will make drawing facial features ez peezy with a little practice! 

We will take our time developing our skills, composing our paintings, and most of all...enjoying the creative process.

 Class Begins on FRIDAY  9/28/12 so be sure to not delay, sign up today!  (No worries if you haven't received your paints yet--although you definitely need them for the class,  this class will be accessible 24/7 so you will have plenty of time to catch up).  What's even better, after the week by week rollout, you will have 12 months to access the content of the class over and over again :)  Videos will NOT be downloadable, but yet the will be available to you at any time during the week of each update and there after for the duration of the class *up to 12 months.
What are you waiting for? 

Register today right HERE! :)
Hope to see you in class!

 The Butterflies continue as in addition to my online class over at Luminarte launching Friday--Friday is also the last day to register for the amazing and wacky wonderful workshops at a HUGE in person retreat I am honored to be teaching at in Stamford Ct NEXT WEEK!!!
I'm totally excited to be heading back on the road to meet and reconnect with students and friends (many friends whom I've met online and have known for years...I'm finally going to get to meet!!!)
The road trip for me will begin on Wednesday as my first class will be Thursday where I will be teaching a fun Graffiti Floor Cloth class.
I had an idea for this class a couple years ago when I decided to make a floor cloth...a HUGE one for my art show that year--bought a whole roll of this specialty material that has a backing on it to make it skid proof but it did fray a bit so I had to go back to the drawing board and figures something else out.....and with the help from one of my friends who is quilter--she turned me on to the materials I needed to make it a no sew project that you no doubt will love!

Here's a little peek from my HUGE sample that I played with back in 2010---this class will be a smaller version on a new and improved material and full of great techniques you can use on any number of future projects.
No spray paint will be used---but we will use a ton of stencils, our fingers, brushes, spray bottles and more as we make our super cool Graffiti Floor Cloth.
I do have extra seats available in all of my classes due to the fact I had to cancel my classes in Petaluma due to the death in our family so can still sign up for ALL of my classes until FRIDAY of this week!
 Graffiti Floor Cloth

Funky forals...water color on Yupo paper

Confessions of the Heart
Painted collage with 3 d embellishments-stories from our heart!

Last year was so much was my first ever Art Retreat...not just one that I taught at, my first ever that I attended.  One thing I can say for certain, 150% plus,  Art Is You is a true experience, from classes to trades, to communal luncheons, extra activities for all, and the true spirit of giving-lots of charitable work that goes on before, during, and after the event is truly one of a kind.
See all the available workshops

Class project my students and I worked on over the course of the three days then donated the proceeds of the sale for a giveaway! :) Isn't it super cool??

The only thing I'm scared about is getting lost again.  Say good vibes that I don't wander around downtown DC or NYC due to my well meaning scenic viewing GPS!!!! LOL
Hate those dang things.

As if all of this wasn't enough to be excited about....I had another class re-released over at my awesome friend and artsy chica's website, Creative Workshops ,  Sweet Art on Tuesday.  This class is one of my favorites to date because of it has to do with compositions that I love....I mean, who doesn't love cakes and cupcakes. If you are looking for information on how to use different color combinations,  play with backgrounds, design and enhance compositions--this class is the one for you. You will create 3-4 paintings over the duration of the workshop (but hey...who needs to stop there....bake...I mean paint your heart away as long as you want).
Work shops over at CW are unique because they are all open ended.   All content is immediately released on the day of class opening and you can access the videos and other info for a long, long, long time.  Work at your own pace but STILL have access to the instructor at all times if you have any questions or just want to chat it up with me or the other students :)

While the class is underway already, you can still join at anytime!
Click HERE for registration info and a preview to the class content!

Well I  think that's about all for now...I need to get moving, take a shower, paint away, pack my clothes, clean the house, edit more videos, write articles, eat chocolate, consume gallons of coffee then tonight maybe some wine (not a gallon) but I'm due for at least one
Have a great weekend !
Enjoy life.
Artfully Yours,

Jodi Ohl

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Custom orders are now being accepted for the holidays :)

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Beautiful Awakenings - Kaz said...

Hi Jodi

love your floor cloth idea - have been experimenting a lot with Traci Bautistes doodles, stencils and sprays. Please let me know if you offer an online workshop in this and confessions of the heart. Have done a workshop with you and just loved it, bought your Cd's which often take a peak at as there is always so much to learn and try out. If i lived in the usa would def go on a retreat. Loving your work.