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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Artist Give Back, Painterly in PInk and more!


If there's one thing I should tell you about myself and my style, it's the fact that I love color.  For as long as I have been painting, I have tried to work in collections that feature 3-5 colors, or a color family. I adore coming up with color combinations that are surprising or that make my heart sing.  Quite naturally my heart does flip flops when I pull out my Silk Glazes and Twinkling H20's from LuminarteWhat are some of your favorite color combinations?  What colors can make you do somersaults or a little dance when you put them on your palette?  Coming at the end of September and in conjunction with October's national 'Breast Cancer Awareness" month, I will be hosting a 6 week course called "Painterly In Pink" over at Dreaming Color's online art class village of Luminarte. As I was playing with samples for this class, I created this piece which I donated to Cloth Paper Scissors fund raiser for breast cancer prevention:

You can purchase this piece or one of the other 41 donated pieces by artists around the US when their Etsy shop opens on August 28th. Read more about that project here "Artists Give Back" .  I used a lot of silk glazes, some twinkling H20s and more as I was working on the painting all the while thinking how cool would it be to do a similar project for an online class.  Nots saying you have to donate your piece you create for charity, but if it moves you to do all means, give back. :)

During this online class I will guide you through a variety of drawing exercises, color inspiration, texture making, composition design, and more... tentative start date will be September 30th...and listen, how cool is this....not only will you get the class for your tuition rate, you will also get a coupon for FREE Luminarte product (value of 30.00)! The class will be ran for 6 weeks but there after, it will continue as an open ended class so you can access the videos and content for the next 12 months!  Online classes are the wave of the future, you not online learn at your own pace, you can save loads of money by not having to travel to far away destinations, yet you STILL get the benefits of 'meeting' new friends, and much more access to the instructor then you do at an in person class.  (Don't get me wrong, in person classes are well worth your money as well...but online classes are a great alternative and wonderful way to learn!)

To see a sneek peak of the class work....Click HERE!

I'll be back soon with more details, dates, and another promo-video!  Until next time, live to create, create to live!

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Seth said...

Great piece Jodi and so wonderful that you donated it for such a great cause too!

Charmingdesigns said...

your class sounds delightful. Is the class geared toward faces, I hope. I love your work