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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Watercolor gone Wild! On Yupo Paper...

 Just a little eye candy for you :)
A couple of years ago I was introduced to the wonders of Yupo paper at Jerry's Artarama....where I often fill in as a demo and workshop artist (one of the many wonders I've discovered at my favorite art store)...but it wasn't until last year that I really began to experiment with it.  It is such a fun product to use, I am hoping to share the love by offering a 6 hour work shop on it with my friends at Art Is.  My proposal hasn't been accepted yet so I can't be sure I will get in but these are a couple of the fun samples I will be offering to them.
 So what is Yupo paper anyway?

 It is essentially a sheet of very thin plastic and uses are intended for water colors or other water soluble products, as well as alcohol inks.  Where traditional watercolor paper is absorbent, Yupo paper is not.  The pigment washes will evaporate on yupo leaving behind just the color pigment.   It is not easy to work with because the color easily slides off and moves around so there is a fine line between too much water and not well as controlling the movement of the washes.
One of the exciting properties that Yupo paper is the extreme vibrant colors that are achieved through even the lightest of paint applications.    I am using a watercolor brand that Jerry's asked me to demo for them called "Soho" watercolors, their colors  are very rich and are said to go on with using a 1/3 less color then some of the leading brands of tube watercolors.  I do believe that claim is true! YUMMY colors for sure!
 You can even draw with water soluble pencil, or detail with india ink.  
 Make a mistake? Erase it off!
Stay tuned and I will show you even more exciting possibilities that can be achieved when I teach this course (fingers crossed) at Art Is in Petaluma this September, and in Stamford in October.
I promise will have a colorful and wonderfully exciting time using this product! We will have the most colorful paintings in the event ;)!!

I'm off for  few days to go help my friend at a trade show in Orlando...I'm going to be her helper so this is totally new to me as we are doing a wholesale show this week.  I don't know what I would have that would fit the wholesale market unless its my prints...I don't know if I can bare to make 100s of my magnets even those would be good for wholesale. Those puppies are cute as can be but way time consuming!. I'd rather spend the 6-8 hours making 25-30 of those magnets doing a 30 x40  but one never knows what opportunities lie ahead...and I am hoping to learn a lot about sales, marketing, show set up and even make some contacts while there.
Of course I'm bringing a rolling cart of art supplies to play with. I just can't leave home without them!

Till we meet again,  
Live a life of purpose, purposely live your life.

Jodi Ohl


Janie Husband said...

oh my jodi.....this is beautiful....i have the soho acrylic paint and i love them.....(affordable also).......must give the watercolours a try some time...

ArtSnark said...

looking good! Your style is perfect for this type of paper :) Have fun in Orlando. If you are there this weekend & have spare time, Renningers Antiques Extravaganza in nearby Mount Dora is happening & is always a grand time

Lesley Edmonds said...

So colourful! Gorgeous!]Enjoy Orlando!