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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Second Time Around

I think Love is in the air....everything I want to paint and all my themes are related to hearts, love, companionship, connectivity...maybe it is and maybe I'm just ready to move on with my life. Whatever it is...I'm making lots of art so it must a good thing!
I thought I'd share a few things that I made in the studio between this Friday and yesterday.I wish I had completed more but I wasn't feeling good over the weekend...self inflicted wounds..I went tanning and burnt the heck out of   I know..I know...that's not good for you but I am going to Florida for a working trip on Wednesday through next Tuesday...I was hoping to have a little time to indulge in the rays or at least wear a sundress or two and I didn't want to blind anyone with my florescent white legs!!
The above two abstracts are part of a series of paintings I have going that are in the color family of magenta, teal, white, black and red....mixing and glazing these colors to create contemporary abstracts has been so fun!  I am naming this grouping, "Love Expressions"  fits in with my themes lately!!  These two pieces are actually PAINT OVERS.  GASP  how could I??  Well I took a couple of paintings from 2008 that hadn't sold and instead of tossing them away...I simply added gesso and said out with the old in with the new..we are going to try again!  And I love the added texture I would not have achieved had there not been another painting underneath.  I think they are much better the second time around.
Maybe we are all better the second time around in things.   You can't expect to get it right on the first try all the time.  Sometimes you do have to forge ahead and practice practice practice...even change things up in what you do ...change things up in YOU.

These new collage story blocks you are viewing are part of my "Confessions of the Heart"  pieces which I will be teaching the techniques as well as other options for the style of painting at ART IS in Stamford Ct this October.   Underneath these lovelies are lots of confessions I have admitted to...
Lots of dreams I aspire towards.....
Probably one of the most important goal to me lately is to find love again...I've said good bye to my past long ago but the past kept trying to come back to me and haunt me...and unfortunately I let it because I thought that's all I was worthy of...but I know now that there is more and that I am worth being number one to someone and having someone by my side that I can TRUST and feel at peace with..not always sleeping with one eye open waiting for the world to crash down on me when I turn my head.
I know its out there....I know hes there...I have hope everything will turn out like I dream.
Until then I will manifest it all in my art...after all...isn't that what artists do?  Create another world with their hands and minds?
This is not an abstract painting though. I want this to be REALISTIC.  I'm not asking too much am I??
In case he's reading this...Hello...I've been waiting my entire life for you. :)  I've been writing to you in my art I hope you don't  I hope you sell well at the shows this spring. JUST KIDDING.  Haha  
Stay tuned for more expressions of the heart and when my dreams become will be the first to know my you have also been with me since the start..the ups, the downs, the wins, the losses, the achievements and and the heartbreak.....and such is life and always will be, we forge on not in spite of our past, but because of it.  
The second time around we learn from our mistakes and make the next much better.
Here's to a great week ahead!!


Petie said...

I love the second times can never have too much texture or too much <3!

Lesley Edmonds said...

Gorgeous - loving second time around! I hope all your dreams become reality!!