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Monday, December 12, 2011

Reflection in a Doodle

 Well...I bet you thought I feel off the face of the earth....didn't you?  No, not at all...I've just been hibernating a bit doing some couch art.  haha...that could be a great new series of work...what can we create while cozied up in our blankies (or snuggies;)  watching a little tv or listening to music.  Perfect winter down time activities :)
 Ever since I bought a set of Peerless Watercolors from Joanne Sharpe, I've been inspired to doodle a bit and create some funky pages in my journal.   Joanne is a firecracker to be around, love her!  She is good people ;)  and she is offering a new class around her wonderful lettering and and coloring techniques in February but the registration is now open.   RUN don't walk to her blog and see what all the hub bub is about!
 I've been working on creating a funk alphabet and fun illustrations for a local class (at Swank in Southern Pines) of my own as well as for Tamara Laporte's Life Book course (which is only a FEW weeks away!!)  I'll be doing a few different segments over the course of the year and one of the courses will be on doodle pages!
 I've finally had a chance over the last few days to catch my breath after 2 months full of shows, demos, meetings, workshops and more. My new morning routine is to work in my journal for an hour or more...sometimes I start the page the night before....
 And then color it in the next day.  Look what a little bit of color can do to your page.  Playing with the design, practicing lettering,  work on my drawing sketching...all part of  the fun.
It's also given me time to think and ponder what I want to do over the next year, where do I want to be at this time next year....what do I need to do to get there?   Taking stock of your aspirations give you inspiration to move forward.  Leave the baggage behind.  Don't let anyone hold you down or make you feel less then worth it...because you are and you are able to become anything your heart desires.  
Tomorrow marks another turning point, changing of the age if you will....another good time to take stock...not just in my professional life, but my personal life...if you want to call it that. It's time to not be an option, but to be a not be second best to anything or anyone but to be top of the list or higher.  I've wasted 7 years of my life being less then worthy, walked on walked over, and even though I've moved on.....I truly have, I find myself willing to compromise when I shouldn't.  So yes, this year-I will be sure to move my career forward and to become worthy of  being a priority. It's all in your head (my head). I always was and YOU are as well...but it's easy to make compromises or fall back in the same routine if you are not careful.  Make 2012 a year where YOU rise above and conquer fears, overcome obstacles, stretch your self in many ways, and not accept anything less then you deserve.

Hope you enjoy a creative week and are having a wonderful holiday season.


Barbara B said...

I love your lettering and bold, vibrant colors. The look is great, and I'm sure you are infusing the same boldness into your life!

Shells said...

Love your doodles, looking forward to Life Book 2012 too. Love your Winter Blue Sweet Heart Magnets in CPS mag too.

LindaS said...

Wonderful doodling and colors.

LindaS said...

Wonderful doodling and coloring.

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog and the motivational tone was inspiring! I am old (66), sick (COPD) and alone (widowed). Your words much needed insight and encouragement ... not to mention your art inspires, as well. Hope things are going well in your life.