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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Morning After Challenge

 So its the day after my birthday and I'm feeling good still. Not sure what I expected as I head further into my 40's then I'd like to be....but I still feel the same as I did 10 years ago.  Heck, 12 or 15 years ago.  Maybe a little wiser.  Maybe a little more wrinkles.  Maybe a little more sure of myself.  Maybe a me with a little more direction then I had back then.  
Sure, I was always career orientated and I was raising my boys back then and still am today--but I find that I've finally found my grove with most things.  I know somewhat where I want to go and I have a pretty good idea on how I want to get there. I know who I want to be and I am always trying to improve upon all the above.
I 'm pretty proud that at the end of 2010, I decided that 2011 was going to be the year that I did 'it'.  Resign or take an extended break from my day job and pursue my art full time.    2012 is going to be about fine tuning my business, making sure I have income streams coming in on a regular basis and just really get much better and efficient at what I do. It's time to add some more goals to my list for 2012 and there are a couple of things I'd like to either put in the works or do this coming year.  I'd like to write a book and I'd like to travel overseas to conduct a workshop and also travel to create....just create for me.....create for inspiration.  
As I created this page last night I was staring at my Christmas tree to the left of my couch, front and center of our living room and baby boy was to my right. He says Mom, I'm pretty proud of what we did together. The house looks good and our tree is beautiful.  I smiled on the inside and outside.  It's those little moments that make the difference in the world and truly MAKE up your world.  The big moments are few and far between.      I wrote down some goals and put out there that I do want to  move ahead with my personal life. I've put that on hold too long too as I recovered from the many disappointments, heartbreak, drama, and truly abuse on a lot of different fronts.   And despite a few hiccups and wrong decisions I"ve made over this last's finally put me in a place where I'm ready to move on with my WHOLE life, not just my career and passion. 
It may be a challenge to balance it all...but that's what I do best.
Speaking of challenges. I'm going to try to do a page in my journal, or a tip in page (loose page) for the next 30 days and post it here on my blog. For several reasons....I have some ideas I need to get out....I love to write....I want to be more regular blogging, and I need to develop some good repetitive habits that will help me launch BIGGER ideas.   
Join along if you will.  I'm calling it the Morning After Challenge.

Why morning after?  Well, I've found for me I can make this happen by starting my journal page late at night while watching tv....and then the morning after I color it in and tweak it.  That's how I've been managing to get them done.  If you decide to join in, please post a link to your blog on a comment so I can visit you!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's page...this is going to be fun!
And what else am I doing today?  I'm working on ideas, samples, and plans for new classes at retreats across the country....stay tuned for more details as I (hopefully) get accepted to  new ones...and stay tuned for  my new pages to have links of my schedule. (Another one of my plans is to finish updating my blog pages and  start a website....whoohooo!!  So much to do, 24 hours to do it.  Make the most of your day, each and every day :))

xoxo Jodi

Update--here's a smaller blog button to use:


Effy said...

This is a fantastic challenge, Jodi! I'm in. :) I'll start tonight. My intention is to improve my doooooooodling skills. :D

Trece said...

Like Effy, I need to work on doodles, and I am finding I need something pleasurable late at night. Thanks!!
Is there a button (with code) that I can post on my blog? (hint, hint)

Trece said...

I tried to add the one you show, but I cannot get the whole thing in.

Trece said...

THANKS!! She's gaw-gee-us now!!