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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Let's Mingle! Another GREAT Giveaway for YOU!!

 UPDATE---via random number generator, we have a WINNER of the premier issue of MINGLE:

 Who is the one and only:

Karen Pottinger said...
definitely baked brie with jalapeno jelly spread over before baking until all nice and gooey and warm. Crackers are good for serving with this - something mild so they dont interfere with the flavour of the cheese and jelly!

I have been drooling over Mingle since I saw it being "teased" to us in the Stampington advertisements!
5:40 AM

Congratulations Karen!!  I KNOW you will enjoy Mingle!!

I have to admit I love to love love it. Do I do much of it? Not really but intend to get back into the swing of things now that I am working for myself.   I LOVE to host parties and get togethers, pour through recipes, decide on menus, and cook for friends and family.  The department I'm lacking in is the details, the decorations, the perfect theme or props to make that party a truly memorable experience.  Oh sure, I'm fairly certain everyone remembers my stuffed mushrooms or buffalo wing dip or dreamsicle martini but what about the experience, the atmosphere, the details??  I'm lost but I want to get better and be that person that my friends and family say "Wowza"...when we go to Jodi's, we are always in for a treat when we  "Mingle" together!

Well friends, have no fear, there is a new publication out by the wonderful Stampington and Company called "Mingle" their premier Autumn issue is now out and available for you to DROOL over, yes, drool over.  From menus to table settings, decorations, banners, vintage finds, hand made decor,  and peeks into how others 'Mingle", you will be filled with inspiration galore as well as hope that YOU TOO....can be better than Martha Stewart at hosting a party (okay well right up with there), you can Mingle with friends with a contemporary flair mixed with vintage goodness,   themes that will instantly inspire you to send out invitations for next Saturday for  your next get together with friends and family. I know after reading through this issue, ideas are dancing around my head. While my next event at the house isn't until   Thanksgiving, I may add in an impromptu cocktail party or morning breakfast with friends.  In fact, I am going to do it because I miss that connection with my peeps since leaving work.  Are you ready to hear some other GREAT NEWS?? goes...

You too can be inspired by the premier issue of Mingle....because I am partnering with Stampington and Co. to host a giveaway for this issue to one of my lucky blog winners!! 

  How to enter?  Well,  all you have to do is leave a comment on my blog between today (Sunday) and midnight Wednesday, October 19th.    Also tell me what your favorite dish is to prepare for your parties (okay that's selfish of me...I need some ideas for my next together so I'm hoping you can share something that will inspire me as long as I have your attention:)))    Okay so let's get the party started--leave a comment (oh...and I've found out from my last giveaway that not everyone has a blog that is clickable when  you leave a comment so if that's the case with you, make sure to leave your email address so I can get a hold of you when you win).  I'm still waiting on someone who won my last drawing because I dont' have a way to get a hold of her!   ....Have a wonderful Sunday....can't wait to here from you and best of luck to you to win!!!



Saranne Valentine said...

Hey Jodi,
Thanks for the great give away!
My favorite is Corn Dip…Always a huge hit..
never any leftovers!

Penny A said...

This looks like some fabulous inspiration, girlie! I, too, love a good get together (good tunes, good friends, good food -- okay, GREAT food ;-) Oft requested faves here include: Rosemary Party Nuts, Buttery Goodness, and/or Super Sangria!

Janelle said...

Thanks for this give-away. My family loves it when I make dark chocolate cream pie. It is the only pie that always gets eaten up at our holiday gatherings.

Beautiful Awakenings - Kaz said...

Thanks for another give away. If you are having a party with quiet a few folk it is great to hollow out some round loaves of bread from the bakery and fill them with lovely smoked salmon pate dip. Using the bread from the middle shred into small pieces that folk can dip.

kaz beautiful awakenings

Bec Clarke said...

I have a basic Vanilla Cheese cake that I take everywhere. I make dozens over the Christmas period and for any Barbeque we go to.

Kelsie said...

One of these days I'm going to win one of these giveaways! pick me pick me!

Canace said...

I saw you at AIY and decided to look you up. :o)

Fav entertainment goodie... jezebel sauce over creamed cheese.. dipping crackers.

Kelly Lynn said...

Ooooh - I hope I win that magazine! Somerset has the best magazines!!

Lately, we have been liking chili dip. Put a package of cream cheese in a baking dish and spread it evenly. Next, pour one can of chili with no beans and spread that evenly as well. Sprinkle shredded cheese over the top and microwave for 3 minutes. Perfect with tortilla chips! Mmmmmmm!

Karen Pottinger said...

definitely baked brie with jalapeno jelly spread over before baking until all nice and gooey and warm. Crackers are good for serving with this - something mild so they dont interfere with the flavour of the cheese and jelly!

I have been drooling over Mingle since I saw it being "teased" to us in the Stampington advertisements!

Beth said...

Woohoo fun giveaway! Thanks, Jodi!

As for my favorite dish to make for a group -- it's peanut butter chili hands down, because it's easy, cheap, healthy, and most people usually rave about it because it's so unique. Here's the recipe if you're interested:

kimberly ward said...

Can't wait for Mingle! Gonna be great!
Just tried a new hummus dip that's to die for! Spread some hummus in a dish, layer on crumbled feta,chopped red onion, fresh tomato, fresh basil,and drizzle on the olive oil....mmmmmmm:)

Anonymous said...

Orange Pecans. Easy to make, great to take to party or give in gift bags. Would love to get Mingle.

hattie said...

I love to try new recipes. I used to do one a week, then went to one a month, now it's even less often. A favorite for all of our gatherings is a potato casserole made with frozen hash browns, cream soup, sour cream,cheese, and topped with buttered crushed corn flakes. We used to do themed Christmas Eve parties and plan the decorations and food to fit the theme - Mexican, North Country, Hawaiian...We would start looking for decorations on our summer vacations.
Maybe winning this magazine would give me the spark I need to get creative in the kitchen again.
Fondly, Mary

Sherry Lynn said...

This mag looks fabulous..I love to cook won-tons..I put cream cheese in middle with a little piece of smoked salmon then fry..YUMMO!!

pat said...

Yeah! I wanna win the newest magazine by Stampington. Looks good.

Creative Skyy said...

I usually make potatoe salad or greek pasta salad
hypersky5 at

Jill said...

thanks for the chance! it looks like a a fun new magazine! my favorite party recipe is a warm artichoke dip, werved with toasted pita slices! yum!

francine said...

Thanks for the chance to win this prize, I love to make quiche for my parties, artichoke and cheese comes out really great

Kelsie said...

I"m always more excited about the cocktail than the food anymore. This Halloween I'm making adult versions of butterbeers from Harry Potter