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Monday, October 03, 2011

Last couple of days for the Giveaway--and show pictures!

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Happy Monday!!!

I hope  your weekend was filled with lots of relaxation and creative goodness and Monday finds you ready to take on another adventurous week in the life of.....YOU!  If you're life isn't as creative as you want it to be or you are looking for a great way to unleash the artist in you--you DEFINITELY need to check out this class I am highlighting that the amazing Tamara Laporte will be teaching.  LIFE BOOK is a 12 month long class that features video prompts, regular prompts, lessons, community, and also showcases lesson responses from 15 other artists from around the world that will be working with you throughout the year.....and guess what? Yep...I'm one of the artists!!!  whooohooo!    THE BEST yet is that I am GIVING away one class to ONE of my lucky blog readers by simply leaving a comment.....I have one post going right now but you can leave a comment here to be considered but you need to HURRY as the giveaway ends OCTOBER 5th. In addition, I am also giving away a 6 x8 Owl painting to one of the lucky commenters!  All I ask is that you tell us why you'd like to win the class...I've heard some amazing stories all ready. It helps all of us to see what living the creative life or having some assistance getting there means to others.  The truth of the matter is...we are all very similar in our quest to know ourselves, discover our talents, and have a place we can escape to that helps lift us up when we need it the most!

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If you don't want to take a chance on winning a spot and just want to sign up....well guess what???  Registration is NOW open~!!  You can go and sign up today and ensure your spot is secure!  The cost ends up being LESS then $10 a month, I'm not sure how you can go wrong with that for the amount of information you will be gaining.     Trust me...this is a MUST take class!  I've seen the line of of lessons and they are ALL going to be fun and inspiring!

Speaking of inspiring....I've worked my bootie off for the last month and half preparing for the Norcross Art Festival in Ga..and boy was it a nice show, as always Frances and Cindy host an incredible line up of artists, corral a bazillion volunteers to help the artists in any way they need it, and offer the festival goers a wonderful line up of events, activities, and good clean family fun.   I had a great time this weekend, the weather was a bit chilly and windy at times but the sun was bright, no rain in sight, and decent sized crowds to shop and wander around the beautiful town of Norcross.  The only thing I wish I could have changed is the fact that I have been sick for the last two weeks and am still sick so it took every ounce of energy I had to 'be there'.  After the first day we ended the evening with a wonderful dinner at Mojito's, a  Cuban restuarant in Norcross.  Well, they tell me it was wonderful, I was so slam worn out and not feeling good that I feel asleep at the dinner table amongst a full restaurant and 7 friends I had been looking forward to hanging out with.  :(((  The people at the restaurant must have thought I was looped   I HOPE this crap goes away before this weekend when I teach in CT up at Art Is...YOU in Danbury!

I'll leave you with a few pictures from the show :)  Hope you have a great Monday and don't forget to comment to win a FREE Life Book Class  (or you can go ahead and sign up today as registration is now open!)


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Sure would love to win that free class!


Sherry Lynn said...

OH....How I would love to win this..I have been reading all about it..I would LOVE THIS!!! Thank you for the opportunity..

sherry french ;-)

Sherry Lynn said...

I too wanted to say I am so excited for you and your new journey in life, I have been following you FB fan page and seeing all the it...and to think of where you started 3 yrs ago when I saw you. What a dream come true for you...wishing you the best in all you do..I posted before about the giveaway..but wanted to say too that I LOVE taking classes online and have been wanting to take one of yours (love your style)..but just has not happened yet..this would give me the opportunity to take one of yours plus all the other wonderful artist as well.

Midwestie Lady - Linda said...

I'd love to win this on-line class! I love following your artistic journey, Jodi, and seeing your art on FaceBook. Congrats on your stepping into art full time and having a "new boss lady!"
Linda MidwestieLady

Lena said...

Yeey, anather giveaway for Life Book :)

Sherrie J said...

What beautiful art! Having you as a teacher would be sooooo coooool!

Lifebook will be awesome. I would be very grateful to win a spot, just to learn from you!

Woo hoo- love this give-a-way!
thanks Jodi!!

Sherrie J in Florida

Holly said...

Oh, Jodi, I'd so love the opportunity to win this class! I can't believe the people Tam's got lined up for instructors - *amazing*!

bwheather said...

Oh wow, I was sure I'd left a comment about Lifebook, but it looks like I haven't. Would be cool to win. Thanks for the glimpse of your stall. ;-)

Lisa Calvert said...

Love your blog, and would love the chance to be a part of this amazing year long class. Thankyou for this opportunity.

Shells said...

Your paintings are beautiful and your booth looked fantastic.

I'm looking forward to the Life Book classes - it's going to be great.


What a fab giveaway :)
glad you had fun at the art show. Hope you feel better in time for Art Is !! Lots of water & Vitamin C, Lovey! See you soon.

Deb said...

I thought I had left a comment for the Life Book class but I guess I didn't. So glad I signed up for your email!

Jacquie Williamson said...

there are so many amazing women teaching in this class. i just can't believe there is one place that you can go to learn from all of them. i so hope to win. not to mention, i'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see who the mystery teacher is. i'm crossing my fingers. thanks so much for the opportunity. i also welcome the chance to win one of your beautiful paintings.

Joyce van der Lely said...

I'd loooove to win of course,thanks for offering, so far I've never really won anything, but one time it'll happen....I hopw :)
Love your work and your stall

Joyce van der Lely said...

oh and why I would like to win ??? because with everything that has happened here, I hope to forget 2011 fast and make 2012 a better year all around ♥ and Owls are so cute too ♥

Karen Pottinger said...

Jodi - your booth looked wonderful and I am glad you had some sun even though it was cold and windy. Hope you are recovered! Did your sales go as well as you hoped?

I too, like Joyce, want to forget 2011 fast and get onto 2012 which I KNOW will be a better year. What will make it even sweeter is to be part of the Lifebook journey - and it would definitely be a journey for me personally. I can't tell which I would enjoy more, Lifebook or your owl :)

Jodi - would you consider doing a mini tutorial that we can download for a fee that shows how you make your magnets from start to finish? I know you have some information already on the blog but I hesitate asking you questions because then you are teaching for free and you have a business to run after all! Can you check with "the boss" and see what she says? :)

Amanda said...

I would LOVE to win this class because it would be a great tool to add to my artist tool belt. I'm just starting out (after rediscovering my love for art-accounting just didn't cut it) so this class would help me build a much needed portfolio.

Thank you for the opportunity!

jackienichols71 said...


Kimmer said...

Oh, me, oh my! Please please please pick meeee! Thanks so much for a chance to win a spot in this fabulous class!

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

I would love to win a place in this class because I'm just "stuck" hard and fast right now. I need to break out of this rut I'm in and this would be a wonderful way! Thank you for the chance to win a spot!

roc said...

i would love to be included in the chance to win a place. what an amazing gift it would be to be able to learn from so many talented artists. it is a chance of a life time.

Rina said...

yeah another lifebook giveaway...I would love to win a spot...with all the awesome teachers and for a whole's going to be awesome!

Blissful Pumpkin said...

Please count me into your awesome giveaway. Lifebook is going to be BRILLIANT. I can't wait.

Your art stand looks great. You create beautiful work.

Kyles =D