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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Online Workshop Sale and MORE!!!!

Here we go kids...I promised all month long that I would dish out some AWESOME specials, giveaways, sales and more throughout my "Grand Opening" so to speak of Sweet Repeats Studio Shoppe,  Art by Jodi Ohl  so let's continue the momentum of this POST  (hurry  time runs out on the 5th to enter)and keep the fun going!   What's up next?  As some of you may know, one of my creative partners is Gail Schmidt of Shabby Cottage Studios and  Creative Workshops 
...Gail took me under her wing helped me get started hosting online mixed media workshops, most of which I've held over at her Creative Workshop site over the last few years.  I have to say, that the teaching experience and technical skills I have gained from instructing online has been invaluable to me as an  emerging artist and creative teacher.   I've met so many wonderful individuals who have taken my workshops that it really just keeps inspiring me to do more and more and more.  If you have yet to take one my classes this is the PERFECT time  join in on the fun.  For the ENTIRE month of October, I will be offering a Buy One, Get One 50% sale on three of my classes : 

Fun with Faux Encaustic
Heck...since you are here right now....let's not wait until October first kiddies...let's start the sale now!  
How do you take advantage of this special?  Purchase any two workshops of the three and you will get a REFUND for 1/2 of the second workshop. Our shopping cart doesn't allow for bogos but this is one way we can work around the system!    This gives you a savings of $22.50 off the regular price of one of the workshops.  That's a hard deal to beat especially since the work shops are OPEN ENDED which means they are a self study course throughout which you can watch the videos over and over again at your convenience (if you are like me and up at 3:00 can watch the videos and create alongside of me:) The workshops are guaranteed to be up for at least one year so you will have PLENTY of time to take the courses and work through all of the projects.      Click on any of the above images or links to read more about the classes.  *Remember this special is off my classes only and will end on October 31st.  
I'm going into day three of my new job and I can tell you that life is crazy, chaotic at times, exciting, a little stressful (mostly because of all my to-dos), and through it all I'm still loving it :)  I would hope so with only three days into the I of the BIG events I've been preparing new work for is the Norcross Art Festival in Ga this weekend (October 1st and 2nd).  I am THRILLED to go back for the second year in a row.  Even without an art show, the town of Norcross is delightful and charming, add 135 or so artists and a festival that is top notch, well you have all the makings of a fantastic time.  Featured here are two of my new pieces I'll be bringing to the show which are slightly different then my current work...I do like to play with abstracts every here and there and these pieces contain all the facets of my style (texture, layers, slightly grungy, edgy,) but in a more subdued color palette.  Okay so I did add some pops of bold colors but who's counting! ;)
This is my favorite of the new pieces, "Baby Gemstones" 12 x 12.  I love the little delicate bubbles appearing as well as the rich texture that begs to be touched.  What does the change in 'programs' say about me?  Not its just saying that a girl can change her 'wardrobe' every here and there...sometimes we need to change our direction a bit to find the best route to get to the place we heading towards in the first place.  Not saying I'm going in this direction forever, it's perhaps a 'rest stop' along the way as I take a breather before moving on to my next collection.  Ya...that's a good way to put the change in direction. It's welcome rest stop along the way.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  If you are in the neighborhood, please stop in my booth and say hi this weekend!  I better get going...still lots more to do. I may not sleep for 4 days friends!  Someone PLEASE bring me some coffee!!  xoxo Jodi


Georgie Horn said...

that's a great deal~!

hattie said...

This is a great deal, and having taken the "Let's Face It" class, I can assure you that you won't disappointed.

Deb said...

Congrats on taking this amazing leap Jodi and good luck at the art show, here's to lots of sales! Love your new pieces, especially 'Baby Gemstones'. Great deal on your classes, I need more hours in the day to take all these wonderful online classes!

Karen Pottinger said...

I am going to take your Faux Encaustic class for sure. the journaling hmmmmm I am not a journaler but maybe I need to start. And the Face class, I am scared of doing faces! they never turn out the way that I see them in my mind....
Heck, obviously I need to take them all and push the comfort zone lines out!day 3 of the rest of your life :) Yay!! and have lots of fun at the Art Festival. Love your new work too