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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NEW CLASS! Fearless Faux Encaustics with Jodi Ohl Coming Soon!

I'm so excited to be re-launching one of my favorite workshops "Fearless Faux Encaustics" over at in November!
I'll be offering some AWESOME giveaways to promote the class...details will be coming soon!!! whooohooo! Hope you are having a creative weeks so far!

xoxo Jodi


Alicia said...

Jodi, glad to see the class will be back. I'm looking forward to participating!!

Mechelle said...

Congrats on the relaunch Jodi!

tessyluv45 said...

oh I am so excited!

Kelly Warren said...

Oh, this is so tempting. I'm fascinated with encaustics, faux or otherwise!, and I had thought about signing up for this class the first time I saw you had it offered but I tend to overload myself and then never finish anything. (no one else has that problem, right? ;-) I just might give in this time!