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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Style File with Seth Apter and Other Sunday Ramblings

I woke up this morning to a little note from the AMAZING and TALENTED Seth Apter to let me know that one of my answers to his 6 question poll is featured today in his fluid publication on his blog called  "The Pulse"  for this Style File you will find out how a variety of wonderful artists describe their work.....which isn't really easy for me to do. You think it would be but I sense I am going through a 'change'  a sort of  'artopause' if you will.   I am loving working in abstract organic styles lately, combining that with my whimsical character illustrative compositions sometimes is a push pull....but it's necessary as I grow and develop.  Anyway you look at it,  a girl has a right to change her 'ways' every here and there.   :)  So stop over to Seth's Blog, The Altered Page and check out the interview answers as well as his other wonderful posts from previous blogs.  You'll be captured by the depth of talent he has.

 Happy Sunday Everyone. 
I hope your Labor Day weekend has been relaxing and joyful with friends and family....I'm using the 3 day weekend to 'labor' on lots of art projects in the works including 4 classes and 3 shows coming up as well as finishing my DVD's of my last online class.  It's not really labor when you are doing what you love so I feel blessed that I have the time this weekend to get a leg up on what is going to be the biggest month event wise that I have lined up this year.  OCTOBER 1st is also going to be my first day officially self employed...and I'm going to be celebrating that day with my friends at Norcross Art Festival.  I can't wait, this is one of the best shows I've ever been a part of....colorful, whimsical, unique art and people everywhere. If you are in Norcross Ga or the surrounding areas the first weekend of October, please stop by my booth to say hi. :)

 Some of my newest owl paintings in the color palette of lime green, cobalt blue, deep violet, white and black.  
Friends---Bravery-Discovery-Finding Love (hopefully one day soon again) , Family...are all themes top of mind lately.   I love conveying these inspirational messages through illustrative painting. :)
 Speaking of sharing what I love.....I will be teaching a owl painting class at Art Is...You this October in Danbury, CT  It's a new class I've added for the fun of it all  so if you have checked out the workshops and didn't see anything for Monday.....look again and perhaps this class, "Who Are YOU" while tickle your creative heart!
I'm also working on lots of paintings, fun articrafts, and lots of bits and baubles of supplies to sell during the vendor day on Sunday so don't miss that either!!  Vendor day is open to the public so even if you can't make the retreat, please mark your calender for October 9th as I do not get up that far on the East Coast to vend normally so this is a special occasion!!

Here is an example of one of my more organic shaped abstract paintings I was mentioning earlier in the post that I find myself drawn to....influenced by the art of Jesse Reno and Flora S. those two artists very much.  I think both of their styles are similar on some levels, especially the evolution of their work while Jesse's paintinigs are primitive contemporary abstracts, Flora's a more organic and feminine in nature.  I guess I'm somewhere in between :) One of my artsy dreams is to take a workshop from either one of them and learn in person more about their style and influence. 
I've been kinda slack on adding things to my Etsy shop...mostly because I'm trying to rebuild my body of work from the Spring shows I did and from Gallery filling so I have a good amount of work for October, but with that said...if you see anything on my blog or elsewhere (flickr, facebook) and want to know if it's available, please drop me a line on my personal email .  I have work in  a lot of different places (including my studio) that is not currently listed.  I am working on a grand reopening of my Etsy shop coming soon just in time for the holiday shopping season and my launch into work as a full time artist.  Stay tuned for more details because it's going to include a NICE shopping giveaway at my shop too.....follow my blog for more details and not to miss this giveaway or any of my new posts.

Also upcoming....summer photograph look back,  'quitting my day job' chronicles,'  new features in a HOT magazine, special technique and tips articles, and more.....Sweet Repeats is going to be another MAIN focus of mine as I launch into this wildly exciting time of my life.     
Till we meet again, Cheers!

1 comment :

Seth said...

You have been busy Jodi. Thanks for contributing to Style File and The Pulse...and for the very generous words in this post. I look forward to meeting you at Art Is You, as I will be vending there as well.