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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life Book with Tamara Laporte (and me!! along with 14 other artists)!!

I've been waiting to tell you all about this exciting new adventure I'm honored to be a part of with the amazing Tamara Laporte, a internationally known instructor and mixed media artists who's you tube videos, classes, and ning site are a favorite of artists around the world.   Starting January 2012 she is going to debut a fantastic year long journaling/book making class full of videos, pdf files, journal prompts, challenges and more.  Sprinkled in with her monthly themes she is going to share the spotlight with 15 other artists who will guest star throughout each month sharing their take on the monthly theme through a video workshop of their own as well!   Not only that, if you purchase this class, you also have the option of packaging several of her other classes offered with the tuition!! How can you beat that?  January is a great time to re-evaluate your dreams, goals, desires and what better way to do so than through visual journaling?  Be sure to join us!  I will have the spotlight next July but will be playing along throughout the year so I'm super excited to be a part of this one of a kind experience!

This is just one of SEVERAL new projects I will be working on this year as I launch my own business as a full time artist,  Sweet Repeats Studio Shoppe,  Art by Jodi Ohl.  A new beginning starting this October...and hopefully it will last a lifetime with a lot of faith, endless amounts of elbow grease, and the support of my wonderful customers, students and of course my family and friends.   Today is the day to start working on your dreams......Until we meet again my friends, live to create and create to live.

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LindieLee said...

The reason I am going to take the Life Class is to have access and input from all the fabulous teachers their techniques, their styles and just get to know them and by taking a short lesson from them perhaps I would later like to pursue full workshops with them. Also, along that vein I would like to see how they present their class technically meaning with limited camera movement, clear auto and video and do they speak the language of Art that I can understand. It’s a thrilling concept of having many teachers more like the art expos I’ve been to. Very cool indeed.