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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Many Happy Years

Many Happy Years, originally uploaded by lucy_sweetrepeats.

It's the season to get teary eyed in awe of sweet and hopeful, promising and every after season. Check out this lovely painting I completed for a couples nuptials on July 2nd... May they have "Many Happy Years" together! Sigh...maybe doing these commissions will bring me some blissful I'm ready to move on and stop spending so much time alone! Blind dates? Where do you meet someone these days? Lord knows it's not at my work!!! (the bank that is) I'm happy for those that have found their one and only though, it gives the rest of us hope that there is that one person out there for each of us :) Have a creative and fun weekend! Jodi

Via Flickr:
Custom 'Wedding' Cake Painting! 12 x 12 by 3/4

If interested in your own unique and truly special gift like this, please check out my blog and contact me:
Sweet Repeats


For the Love... said...

Just keep an open mind, cause "The One" could be anywhere you go....the grocery store or where you go.

HOPE is the best thing you can have along with "Being Open."

Beautiful painting.

Anonymous said...

Love the painting -- food always gets my attention . . . as do weddings! I just had to tell you that love can find you when you least expect it.

I was divorced for 20 years and kissed too many frogs until I found "the one" -- in my mid-50s! I had decided I didn't even want a man in my life. While working full time I took evening classes, spent time with family and friends, traveled, and watched my daughter marry and have a child.

I was truly content and then "he" came into my life. A chance introduction by my brother! I liked him right away and enjoyed being with him but I wasn't going to marry him. No way! Yet, before I realized it we were "making plans"! It just seemed so right.

That was 8 years ago -- we are both in agreement that the second time around can be the best.

Don't dismiss finding someone at the bank. My husband's best buddy went to the bank to get a loan and ended up marrying the loan officer!! Another second time around romance.

Good luck!