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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Day in the Life Of....

A day at the beach....ahhh the relaxing sounds and smells of the ocean.  I'm taking a quick break from work to chill out for awhile.

Take a walk and let the sand melt between our toes.

Discover hidden and breathing ones as well as the ones that can only be felt once you experience them.

Allow the wind to toss up our hair and sun shine on our faces....

Stopping to read after getting my feet with the water of the earth...
Enjoying  some sea food....definitely recommend the Bang Bang Shrimp at Pier 14

Remembering it's the Birthday of our Army and all the soldiers that fight for our freedom....

It's time to come out of my shell and enjoy the life that I have worked so hard for....Letting moments go by aren't a way to live, experiencing the world around us is a far better way travel this journey.  I hope you have some time to enjoy the fun in the sun and take time to slow down a bit and just...ENJOY it all. :)

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Penny A said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I am thrilled that you have this gift of time, chock full of memories-to-be-made & lounging-a-bit *it's good for your batteries - lol!* Thanks for sharing your haven (and the shrimp advice n_n)

diane cook said...

Hi Jody! Saw your Fearless Faux Ecaustics Class video...Where do I sign up and find out more details? Looks like amazing fun.