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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random Art March and April 2011

stopandsmelltheflowers (962 x 963)bannercropped (1165 x 699)illusionalcollagebirdsofyellowmemoriescontent (1283 x 855)everydayornaments (1283 x 855)history collage (1690 x 1352)
justyouandisideview (1944 x 1296)transform collage (1690 x 1352)bofcloseup1 (1283 x 855)

I know I've been a little random with my posts lately...take a look at just a few of my pieces from March and April of this year. The rest I will post eventually! Hold me to it!

Here's to having your hands into a little this and a little of that. It DEFINITELY keeps things interesting!

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