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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Transforming Me...

I've been painting a lot lately.....lots and lots.....which is a GREAT thing...a terrific feeling to be productive. And I need to be, I have 3 shows coming up, 2 of which are pretty big shows, and....if you see the new video link on my blog, you'll find another project I'm involved in  which is going to be HUGE...."Artful Gathering" which is going to be an all inclusive trip to artsyville online, 17 artists offering 6 weeks of amazing workshops.  I'm also working on my workshop which will be a part 2 sorta, kinda, of my Fun with Faux Encaustic, I can't wait!!  This will be a great event, full of giveaways, shopping, creative learning, meeting new friends and more!  (coming this summer....all the details are on the Artful Gathering website)
In the midst of all this painting...I'm realizing I'm moving in some new directions artsy wise. I'm loving this abstract/graffiti work, I've done four pieces in this new collection so far and I want to continue to explore all the possibilities that it offers. It's all about evolving, isn't it.  Something new that ignites that flame of passion for what you are doing. I want to feel that every day!  Not that I'm giving up my whimsical illustrative paintings, I love love love doing those, too...but these techniques are stretching me in a new way and they do lend to working larger a bit easier then the illustrative paintings do...and working larger is something I've been doing more of lately.  In fact, I bought a 36 x 48 painting a couple of weeks ago and it's tempting me.....taunting me...but I'm going to do it!  Go big or go home!  In some ways, it's also business related not just technique related that I want to work bigger at least a few bigger pieces more often then I've been doing....the way I look at it, if it takes me a week to make 5, 100 dollar pieces--and it takes me a week or two to do one LARGE piece for 700-2000 dollars, well then it makes sense to work larger.  At the same time, larger pieces may not sell as quickly as the smaller pieces--but that's okay because I will continue to create in all price ranges. Doing so will help me continue to grow and add to my collector base :)

Life is's full of so many possibilities....

Sometimes it takes a quiet moment to ourselves to discover all of those possibilities...
....or a moment to sit down and reflect on where we've come from and where that road is taking us next...
It's a winding road. I've been feeling it a lot lately...despite my productivity....It's been a challenge for me to do as much as I want to do.  My energy seems to keep getting sucked out of me ALOT quicker than it used to. I think stress is a big factor....but it's just one of many things that play on our overall well being.  I need to reflect on what those things are and make changes to the way I handle it and even maybe ways to eliminate them altogether.   Eat better, sleep more, exercise more, have quiet time, create, don't procrastinate, stay focused and DREAM BIG....all things I intend to do as I embark into this Spring season.  
Come join me making better choices in our everyday life so our tomorrows continue to come as long as they are meant to.  Choices that will make a difference in your world. Leave behind the ones that drag you down or suck the life out of you.  We deserve that, don't we?
I may not be getting any younger, but there's still a few good years left in me :) Might as well make the most of it!
Hope you have a week full of happy choices and productive possibilities. :)
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1 comment :

Beverley Baird said...

Your last line I love. I too feel that change in energy level. I love your advice.
Can't wait to see more of your work and how the shows go! All the best!