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Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 11 Art at the Speed of Life Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY

Welcome to Day 11 of  The Art at the Speed of Life Blog Tour!!!  You've arrived in Aberdeen, NC (I know most of  you have no idea where that is so let me just say near the golf mecca of Pinehurst which is south of Raleigh)!!  If you've been following this tour, you've been treated to seeing behind the scenes look at the making of Pam Carriker's BEST SELLING new mixed media art book, "Art at the Speed of Life" .  I know I've really enjoyed reading  during  each stop how all the contributing artists  have come to connect with Pam  over the last several years,  and how different but how similar all of these artists are...everyone has one thing in common though--it's passion for what they do, which shines through in their tour posts but more importantly, it shines through with every essay and project sprinkled throughout Pam's book.  Different things motivate and inspire each and every one of us, but it's evident that the core of Pam's passion and inspiration for art is her lovely and supportive family.  

Art at the Speed of Life is a book that truly does illustrate through sensible and inspirational advice and projects how you can do it all.  DO IT can be a Mother, Sister, Friend, Wife, have a career, a hobby--wear all of these hats AND be creative despite all the demands for our time and attention. In fact, you owe it to yourself to make that time.   There's ton of sage advice on how to fit creative time in your daily life, overcome roadblocks,  multi-task while creating,  tell your story or unload your worries, celebrate your dreams all through journaling, painting, collage, sketching, and more.  

I met Pam several years ago on a forum on Etsy we both frequented and we connected in a lot of ways, both emerging into our own creative skins, entering into the world of publishing and meeting several others that were like minded and supportive of each other in so many ways. In fact 8 of the artists in that core group did a collaborative project together : "Sisterhood of the Traveling Canvas"  that was published in an issue of Somerset Studios.   Even in the beginning when we all met, it was evident that Pam was destined for great things. She not only shined at everything she did, she is a born leader, teacher, mentor, and obviously an accomplished artist.   It's been fun seeing her  star rising as well as all of the other friends that we made on Etsy.  Everyone has been so brave and passionate about their artistic life, I'm forever blessed to have made the friends I have.  We've lifted each other up and believed in the power of hard work, drive, commitment, and faith in ourselves and each other.  Being a part of this book has been such an honor, I'm very proud to be a contributing artist and friend of the wonderful author--not to mention have my name next to so many artists that I admire!

Here it is......a dream come true for Pam and all of us who have contributed to her book!!  It's definitely a book I would highly recommend for those wondering how to juggle it all and be creative. Whether you are new to art or an accomplished artist yourself, there  is something in it for everyone! 

In Pam's book, she talks a lot multi tasking, doing a few journal pages while painting other I asked her to share a page of hers and I was excited to see this special page that she graciously shared which she created while working on the book right in the beginning of the whole process---capturing thoughts and check lists and creating a beautiful page in of itself while immersed in a hundred other things.  This woman can do it all, I tell you!!

For my post and project, I wanted to take some of Pam's advice and put it into here are two of my newest paintings--you are seeing them for the first time whoohooo...I've been creating a few different collections and these are 2 of 4 new pieces I have as part of my graffiti work.  To be honest, I have to multi task while creating...there is no other way I can do it because I have to work efficiently and effectively every time I pick up the brush...but there is always room for improvement and I've read through all of her advice and tips and plan to put more things into place so I can continue to juggle working full time, raising my 11 year old son (and from a far my 16 year old), being a single parent and having an art career on top of my everyday work is not easy....

"Journey" 20x24

.....but it's not impossible either.  Living Art at the Speed of Life means so many things..and to me, it says that you can make room for all the things that are important to you in your world. Family, Friends, Work, and your Creative Passion.  

"It's Not Easy Being a Queen"
As I was painting my four new paintings (2 are shown here), I used one of my journals to lay down some color and play while layers were drying...again using Pam's advice to do more than one thing at a time--it makes sense, right?  Not only that, it eliminates wasting paint or it allows you to test out stamps, techniques, or just let it all out in a journal.   The bonus is that you end up having a lot to show for your efforts (assuming you do finish what you start...not that I ever have wip gone unfinished for months at a time..haha)

"Evolve"  20 x 24
It's a proud moment when you see the fruits of your efforts come to life. Especially when  you've managed to fit it all in while doing all the other day to day tasks that demand our time.  Creating not only helps you destress and decompress from all of the craziness in the helps you reach the higher potential that is inside of you.  
  I wrote two essays that were a part of Pam's book:  "Becoming and Artist as a Second Career" and "I'm Not Quitting My Day Job Yet"....<------hahaha    My advice and inspiration hopefully helps those that may have not been  born into art but have always felt the calling,  you can do it even later in life and thrive creatively even while doing something else.  It's not about giving anything up, it's about fitting it in and making it work.    But if you do decide to make it as an artist and go solo--I give some business advice gleaned from my 22 years as a business manager and most recently over the past 4 years of running my own art business on the side.   Yes, art is a passion--but it's also something I truly want to do full time so it has to be a business as much as it is a passion as I want to make sure I keep my house and am able to feed my son when I go solo full time...haha :)))    Woot woot.   
 Thank you Pam for having me play a part in your journey and your dream of writing this wonderful book. I'm so honored and humbled to have shared this experience with you :)


Don't be shy--stop by these blogs and see what the contributors  had to say about Art at the Speed of Life and the experience we've all had being a part of Pam journey as the blog tour continues:

Last but not's the other great thing I wanted to share.......yes a GIVEAWAY!!!!   I have a copy of Art at the Speed of Life, by Pam Carriker  to give to one lucky winner AND...AND  a special treasure trove of goodies:  an art journaling kit chock full of papers, texture tools, images, and other art supplies for you to get started well as a couple other surprise things from my studio (hmmm maybe a print, maybe other art supplies, maybe notecards...magnet....who knows)!!  All you have to do is to leave a comment and tell me how you create or fit in Art everyday....Art at the Speed of Life :) 
One lucky winner will receive this awesome package!!!!  Good luck, and many blessings to you and uplifting thoughts in your creative aspirations!   Drawing ends on  March 16th :)


    Sharon P. said...

    I took your WONDERFUL art journaling on-line class and loved it! I WISH I could say that I create art everyday....but I don't. Pam's book would help inspire me to do so and if I were fortunate enough to win your "treasure trove" of goodies I would have all the incentive I'd need.

    Contessa Kris said...

    I'm so very excited to read this book! I'd love to win. I don't do art everyday and for that I'm profoundly saddened. I do, however usually read an art blog, an art magazine, anything that will keep me thinking and up to date on art until I have the time to create.

    Love your work!

    AngC said...

    With a 2yr old and a 6 month old it's really hard to find time to do something every day even if it's for 10 minutes. So I kind of work in stages - work on something else while another thing is drying, use leftover paint from a canvas on an art journal page.

    My oldest daughter goes to daycare one day a week so I try and make that my day to play! :)

    Marilyn said...

    I am retired and spend my days playing with my art! I usually have a two or three projects ongoing all of the time.

    Sherry Lynn said...

    I love art...I can't say that I am that great at it..but I continue to grow...I have taken some online classes and watched many youtube videos to get ideas on how to use different mediums..I have been following you and seeing you grow over the last couple of years, and I think it is wonderful...I try to do something even if it is small (like writing in my journal) and coming back to it when I can fit in more time..I too once paint is on table I don't waste it..I out it onto a journal page I have started. I would love to have the book, I have enjoyed going to each blog to learn more about the creators.

    Dianne said...

    I set myself a goal of at least one doodle a day on this years calendar. I am keeping up to date with this, this is an excellent result for the worlds greatest procrastinator LOL.
    I use my journals almost everyday as well.

    Kim said...

    I try to be creative everyday whether it is being in my studio alone or with friends or I am sitting with my family sketching or crocheting.

    Haven't got the book yet but I will today! Shame on me. So proud of all of you and excited for my sisters :) Wonderful post as always Jodi!

    ArtSnark said...

    Yay! A hearty congrats to you & Pam and all the other creative folks who added to this book - you all inspire me to make more time for art each day.

    Studio time is a challenge but so very important. Too many days it can be tough to get any painting or drawing done around here. On those days I try to make a point & at least sketch or fiddle with photoshop, laying down a base for future pieces. I also love crafting with my 7 yr old.

    Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

    Congratulations on being part of Pam's book! I would love to win this blog prize. Ever since I took your journaling class online, I have been adding to my journal pages a little every day. I also work on art quilts. My part-time business is long-arm quilting, and I try to be artistic in my free-motion quilting as well.

    Jennifer Snellings said...

    Hi Jodi!

    Congratulations on being a part of this book! What an amazing accomplishment to be published! :)

    Your post was so encouraging to me! I'm a busy stay at home mom to two little ones and I'm just starting to take the steps to begin my creative business. Finding time to create amidst all the other demands of life is so very challenging. I'm always feeling the house work calling or errands that are begging to be run! I've found the only way I can create is in the small moments in between all the interruptions that happen along with living a blessed and full life! It can be so hard! I try not to get frustrated but to be thankful for all the things that divert my attention. But at the same time, creating is so important to me and something I feel called to and want to make a priority.

    I love the ideas that you've shared. Your work is amazing and it is so encouraging to know that you can get beautiful and amazing things done in small spurts of time! I really look forward to reading "Life At the Speed of Art" as soon as I can. It sounds like a wonderful resource full of creative ideas and encouragement for creating amidst the craziness of life!!

    Thanks so much for sharing and for the giveaway opportunity! :)

    Happy creating,

    Jennifer Snellings said...

    Oops! During one such interruption I realized I mistyped the name of Pam's book...I mean "Art at the Speed of Life" rather that "Life at the Speed of Art"! Oh boy!!!! :) So sorry about that!

    Andria said...

    I've had my eye on Pam's book since I first heard about it. I've been working on fitting creativity into my everyday life in earnest since the beginning of the year, working on an art journal, starting a blog, and trying to learn to draw. With a 2 year old and a 3 year old, it has been a formidable challenge to find time and space to create, but once I set it as a goal, I have managed better than I expected! I look forward to reading Pam's book for more ideas and for examples of others who manage their "art at the speed of life"!

    Lorelei Campbell said...

    I really felt the words of your article today. My hubby is retired and I've just lost my job. I've never been without work before since I was 16. And there were these words SOMETIMES YOU MUST LET GO TO MOVE FORWARD - and that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to create everyday. I'm doing it for me and hopefully will make a few bucks to keep us fed and warm. And then a giveaway! Yeah! Pick me! Pick me!

    ann said...

    I have promised myself to one hr each day to play with art! I was delighted to be invited to a travelling doll RR. Yikes she needs a journal and at best I have never made one...I think this book will be on my b-day agenda to buy.

    kitty said...

    MY arting time is when everyone else is asleep or @ school and work! I NEED that solitude!!! Can't wait to see the new book!! Congrats to all fabulous artists involved!!

    Andrea K. said...

    I would love to win Pam's's an amazing book. With a 14month old it's hard to fit in art everyday but i'm now trying to do a little bit every day when she naps. Right now i'm working on what i'm calling a doodle drawing. :)

    Gez said...

    Many congratulations Jodi for being apart of Pam's is on my wishlist!!
    I too took your art journaling course last year & have never looked back.. I journal everyday! whenever I have a spare minute! .. in the kitchen waiting for a pan to boil.. while I am waiting for the bath to fill or waiting for my little one to come out of school!
    Thank you for giving me the confidence to give it a try! & to believe in myself.. I have so many family issues on going & it is most wonderful to be able to just lose myself in my little journal even if it's only for 5 mintues.. I find my journal pages are never finish & are always evolving.. I have been able to face my fears inside the pages of my journal & put some ghosts to rest.. I will always be grateful for your wonderful tution & knowing you are always there for us.. am I looking forward to visiting all the wonderful blogs in your links. Journaling has turned my life around.
    Wishing you peace & happy crafting. Gez.xx

    Anonymous said...

    Congrats on being part of Pam's book. It has been fun getting to know all the artist through the blog hop.
    If I spent less time on the computer I would have much more time for art. Think I'm going to try it. Pam Barnes

    Dotti said...

    Glad you are a part of this great book. I am able to create happens right after lunch when DH takes his nap!

    upstateLisa said...

    You ladies rock! You are so inspiring!

    Holly said...

    Jodi - what a wonderful, inspiring post. I can't wait to get my hands on Pam's book!

    My time is very limited - like you, I work outside of the home & studio. I've got two little ones (3 & 5), which makes it more difficult. I try to do something everyday, even if it's just a quick sketch or working up a quick pair of earrings. Sometimes, though, I'm lucky and both kids want to play with art....I pull out their own art journals (altered board books I created for them) and away we all go on a creative spurt! I cherish those times with all of us creating together :)

    Sherrie said...

    Hi Jodi,
    I happened upon your site while searching for Art Journaling classes.
    I'm Soooo tickled I did!

    You create beautiful art and I was struck by your playlist. First, that we share the Same taste in music and second, I wanted one for my blogsite.

    So Yay!! thanks for the music gift.

    I'm finally making/getting art and journaling time into my every day.
    I'm sure Pam's book is just what I need to encourage me.

    Somedays, painting before bed is the only relaxing time in my day. I treasure it and plan on it and will continue to "fit it all" in!!

    You are such an Inspiration!

    Sherrie J

    kelley brown said...

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

    I make art on my lunch hour. it doubles as self care and fitting art into a busy life.


    Patricia's dreams said...

    Love your blog, just found it today,
    since I am following Pam's blog tour,
    your art is inspiring, I just started
    a blog and I am very new at this but
    I just love it!!

    Kristi said...

    so glad you played in the book too! It is sooooo awesome. Love it!

    CJD said...

    I like to stay up later than anyone else and create at night when it is quiet and I have time and space to myself.

    joolsc said...

    Jodi, I think I saw your artwork at an art festival in Norcross, GA! Was that you???

    Irregardless, I love your art! I can not wait to see your work in Pam's new book! I just have to get the book now! This book is going to be soooo goood!


    Lisa said...

    Hi Jodi! I do art every day because I DID quit my day job :-O

    I haven't gotten a hold of Pam's book yet though!

    Brenda Whitehead said...

    I've been lucky to stay home and take care of the family most of time over the years and now, both boys grown, I have more "me" time. Yes! I've been having fun lately with art journaling - having taken Pam's VJ 101 online class and the one with Strathmore. Loving to play with paint again!

    Congrats on being in the book!

    Liz-Anna said...

    I'm ordering the book this weekend and look forward to the inspiration. I'm working my way out of a personal slump right now but every day I read something to keep me thinking about art and keep my eyes open to the scenes around me, storing the images in my memory banks for another day.

    minlinhe said...

    Hi, Jodi. Thanks for the giveaway! I haven't been able to find this book anywhere in my city but would love to have it because it looks awesome.
    Even though I have a day job, I still keep a little notebook handy at all times so that when an idea pops in my head, I can write it down and work on it when I'm at home.

    Cynthia Hanna said...

    What a totally awesome giveaway!!
    With fibromyalgia, I have good and bad days, so I don't usually create every day. But, being organized; knowing where to find things easily and taking the time to return things to their places when I'm done makes it much easier to have creative play time when I do have good days!

    NANCY LEFKO said...

    It was fun to join you in this journey :) Love the colors in your new work !!

    thismuseofmine said...

    First off, I would like to say what a great blog you have, and congrats on being included in such a great book. I fit art into my life by creating when my kids are at school, and my husband is sleeping (he works nights). On the weekends I try to create with my oldest daughter who is a budding artist herself. We do lots of projects together, which is so nice. Thank you for having such an awesome giveaway.

    whyte said...

    Thank Jodi, for such a fab opportunity! You and the rest of the artists in Pam's book and Pam are such an inspiration to me. Like you, I'm waiting for that time when I can spend days on end arting, unlike you I'm not really doing anything about it! Pam's book answers some of the issues I deal with daily, trying to have energy left at the end of the day to be creative.

    Nicole Austin said...

    what a wonderful book, full of such inspiring and talented artists! looks like a lot of fun! i try to fit art in a little here and there. always trying new things. i wait til the kids go to bed and then take out my bins that are already packed with all the materials i'll need for whatever project i'm working on (helps with quick set up/clean up!) when i journal, i like to work in several at a time, working on backgrounds, experimenting, collaging.

    jan said...

    Lately, I've begun doing hand stitched projects in the evening when DH plugs in a movie. Not only do I move forward with my project, it keeps me awake so I actually see the end of the movie!

    Scattered Lewaves said...

    I have just recently taken a year off work to spend some time playing in my world os art. I took a couple of on-line classes and was hooked. I love the fact that their is such a large on-line community that I can go to, here I find inspiration. I love hand made journals and have just completed several new ones, although I struggle to fill them up once they have been made. I am excited to see the new book Art at the Speed of Life, I am sure it will be an great go to book!

    Char- The Mad Shopper said...

    I fit art into my life by not watching tv.

    Virginia Crandall said...

    I already have Pam's book but would love to get another one to share. I have already started to prepare multiple canvases as described in the book and stuck scraps of paper everywhere as bookmarks (my book resembles a porcupine!). Thanks for giving us a change to participate in this great Blog Tour.

    Laurel said...

    Hi Jodi!
    I love your newest paintings. The violet and blue are beautiful colors!
    I'd love to win the book. I'm a mixed media artist with an Etsy store and three kids. I've been working at it for a year now and I feel like I'm just getting going. I could certainly use the time saving tips and ideas that I've heard are in this book. I haven't seen it at our local book store and I'm dying to get my hand on it!
    My tip for getting to my art is to do it first thing in the morning before I look at my house and see what a mess it is!
    Love your blog!

    Ragamuffin Gal said...

    Your post is so authentic and full of a wonderful wealth of information and then to top it all off, a give away too. Bless your sweet sharing heart Jodi. Praying your Spring will bring you all the happiness and art time you can hold. Love from me to you!
    ~ Katie

    Lynda said...

    I don't fit art in every day, but almost. It helps taking online classes. I just signed up for yours. Can't wait to get started.

    Sheri said...

    I fit something in every day. I am a therapist and I have discovered that if I find SOMETHING to do every night that is art related, I am feeling so much better. My resolution for this year was to do something artish every day. Sometimes, it is in session with one of my kids (when I see how healing art can be) or I watch a video or read a blog on the really bad days when I am just exhausted. I try to get into my art studio on all days but as long as I am feeding my passion at least once a day in some way, I feel that I have been successful. It is when my art gets totally away from me that I find I lose my way.

    Julia said...

    I'm still working at fitting art in everyday. Lately, it's just been on the weekends, but that is more than before. So, I'll take it as a start. Thanks for the chance to win!

    internalsequins said...

    I hope I'm not too late for the giveaway! I have my little studio set up in my bedroom. I work on two or three peices at a time so that there is always something to catch my interest. I also make a lot of card. I find that it is thereputic for me to make something lovely, put a little stamp on it, and send it off to someone that it will make happy.

    Denise S. said...

    Love the work here and it would be fun to actually win the book with all of you in it!!!

    nadia said...

    congrats on being in pam's book! I try to get into my studio at least once a day and do one thing. it may be organizing supplies or sketching out an idea, but something. somedays I am in there all day and others it is a quick stop. love your blog! ciao!