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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Painting with Crayons

Painting with Crayons promo (1690 x 1056)

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share with you one of my upcoming activities in the area this weekend. I'll be doing a fun FREE demo at Jerry's Artarama in Raleigh, NC this Saturday, 2/11/11. I will be featuring a few products such as the Caran D'Arche Neocolor II watersoluble crayons, along with Derwint water soluble pencils, and the new Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal. Not only that--you can sign up for my upcoming work shop while you are there ;)))    March 19th,  "Birds of a Feather"   Visit Jerry's Art Events for more details!!!  I'm super excited about both of these creative events and hope to see  you there!!  Extra bonus points, Jerry's has everything  artsy under the sun that you could dream about and then some!  I always load up on supplies when I'm there!! 

I hope your week has been good and you had a wonderful Valentine's Day :)  Mine was a little less than to be desired--too much chaos and to dos going on at work to enjoy the day--even if I had someone to enjoy it with,,haha.  Maybe next year prince will show up instead of the frog that never changes his spots....or was that a leopard???  LOL  Either way, the frog that was a frog is still a frog and always will be one so I just need to get over it and move the heck along with life!!   Times like these are always good for my painting.....and tomorrow I have the day off so I hope to get  a good few hours of studio time in to paint off my frustration and disappointment.   Here's to 2011-2012....may it have a lot less frogs, fewer bumps in the road and brighter sunshine days for us all :)))


Claudia said...

It makes me think of oil-pastels. I love your work because of the freedom it makes me feel

Liz-Anna said...

The workshops sound like fun, Jodi. I had an equally uninspired Valentine's Day - I was signing papers to separate from my frog.