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Friday, February 11, 2011

Enjoy a bit of Sweetness on me!

I have to admit, Valentine's Day  hasn't been my favorite holiday lately--but I do love what it symbolizes and love creating art that is sweet and romantic, imagining in my creative world love as it should be.  Pure and simple and unconditional.  In honor of this holiday that I truly want to Love....I'm offering a vary special coupon code to my online store:
Sweet Repeats Studio Shoppe
Simply add the code:
and receive 20% your purchase!  Now that's sweet!!
OFFER GOOD NOW through  2/14/2011
 So maybe in 2011 I'll find what I'm looking for instead of being held back by my past, wanting someone to be something they never were or can be.    Destiny is a funny thing, you never know if you are running along the right path or jogging along in a circle because you've taken the road you weren't supposed to be on.
 Eventually you figure it out.  Sometimes it takes a tumble along the road for you to realize it's time to brush off your knees and take a different turn, one that is illuminated once you finally head down that path.
In reality, there is nothing to fear.  Even being alone on Valentine's Day and feeling at peace is better being 
with someone and feeling miserable.  Right?  That's what I'm telling myself! :)))

Enough sappy reflection and 'just get over it musings'--head to my shop and enjoy my sale!! :))))

Happy Valentine's Day!


internalsequins said...

these are lovely. i'm in the valentines making mood as well and will deffinitely be checking out your shop.

it is the concept of the day, isn't it, that matters? thanks for the reminder.

Sonja said...

First you have to love yourself truly, accept who you realy are .. than you can love someone else with a whole heart and let them love you.
It's better to be on your own, than be with someone who don't appreciate you.
You're great. Thank you for this nice gesture.