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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Paint Over Art Everyday Month Day 4

In the spirit of Art Everyday Month, I've been trying to do something creative everyday--for the most part I've been able to keep up then along comes today and here I am, it's after 9:00 and I haven't created anything today.   After a day spent in a meeting which was draining to me for some reason, I came home and picked up the lil man then off we went to gather supplies for my art kits for my Saturday Graffiti 2 class I'm teaching. My intentions were to finish my sample tonight but guess what. I'm tired :)   I feel like going to bed and just closing my eyes and actually getting 8 hours of sleep instead of my regular 4 or 5.    That' s the thing about leading a duel life. (Regular day job the art by night) It catches up to you!      So today, I'm sharing with you a piece I finished a couple of weeks ago. It's a personal piece I started back last December. The picture above was featured in my shoot for the Summer issue of Studios.  You can see this piece behind me as it was originally.   I let it sit for months and months on end because it really was kinda an emotional piece for me to do.

I wasn't feeling like myself when I did it originally. I had been burned pretty bad (which is actually pretty good for me as an artist, the more emotional I am, the more I create!....hahah....but who wants to go around getting screwed by others especially those who you thought loved you just so you can be more creative???)  LOL  Not me.  Let's leave the drama behind us thank you very much.  Anyway, I digress.    The colors weren't me--the girl didn't have the right face and it really just was too close to me because of the time I had started it, it was almost a constant reminder of what had I avoided it.
  And then last month I decided to do a paint over...paint over most of the piece and just start fresh. Maybe it's symbolic of how I'm feeling right now. I just want to start fresh with a lot of things.  I want to move on. I want to move in different directions.  In a lot of ways I am moving in different directions both personally and professionally, but in other ways I'm sort of in a holding pattern.  Waiting,  being cautious, trying new things but not really sticking my hand in the water too far.

Or am I? . It's been twelve months almost since that incident and and I've changed.  This painting symbolizes how much I've changed.  There's a lot of layers here just like the layers of my self.   Underneath there still exists what was before (again reference the top picture)....but she's evolved.  She's grown...and she is ready to move on.
Un peeling those layers and you'll find a lot of rough edges and scars and past hurts....

But you'll also find someone that has been patiently listening to the song of the bird to guide her in this new direction.   We all evolve and move in different directions from time  to time. It's okay to let things simmer until you are ready for them.  And when you are'll be time for you to really soar and let the world know what you are all about now that the scars have healed and the hurts are forgotten.   Paint over the past and lets just move on. 


Sherry Lynn said...

I love your paintings...been following your work since the first time I saw you in Pinehurst 2yrs your blog.;-)

Holly said...

"patiently listening to the song of the bird to guide her in this new direction"

Wow, what a powerful statement! Thank you for that. I agree with you whole-heartedly, paint over and be done with it.