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Thursday, November 25, 2010

No Place Like Home Art Every Day Month Day 25

Groovy Little Village
No matter how far away you go....
Groovy Little Village
There is no place like home.   Thoughts of my loved ones far and away, it doesn't get any easier spending holidays with out you even though it's been many years since we left.
Groovy Little Village
Here's to the many things I'm grateful for...memories, family, friends, happiness, health, peace of mind, opportunities, and being blessed with children who make me proud to be their Mom.

Groovy Little Village

I hope your Thanksgiving is spent at home no matter where that is, surrounded by people you love.  It's not what you are thankful for...most of all it's who you are thankful for :)


To my blog readers, thank you for checking in and following me, for commenting or emailing me with your kind words and common stories.  I gain insight and inspiration each and everyday from so many of you. Thank YOU.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi, I found you through AEDM. Your home village is stunning and festive! Wonderful and happy thanksgiving to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm new to your blog, but had to say I absolutely LOVE your Groovy Little Village! Off to explore some more...