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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Snapshot, Tidbits, Art Techniques, Crescendoh and More!

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of being asked by the one and only Jenny Doh to share a short video of a great artsy tip or  technique for the readers of CrescenDoh and her newsletter subscribers, so I decided to share one of my favorite mediums...molding paste. It's a GREAT product to use to create texture and play with imprinting with stamps or stencils.I use it just about EVERYTHING I do!  Love, love love it!   I really want to teach a class using this product  but the drying time takes several hours, which of course is problematic for an in person work would be FUN to use in an online class. HMMM. :)  I might be on to something!

Click the image or click HERE to view the video!

In fact, Jenny asked me if I'd be interested in teaching over at her new website "Creative Lab" in 2011!!  I'm super duper excited about this opportunity as well! I'm putting a few ideas together  to present to the team over at Creative Lab so stay tuned for that announcement.  In the mean time, don't wait for on over and check out all the other wonderful instructors that are lined up for classes!  Danita's class is starting now, and dear friend Pam Carriker has a class launching in November

As this was a technique video, I thought you might want to see my finished pieces:
Here's the big green art work in it's finished state--now sold to one of my colllector's :)

And here's the sweet little one I played with to illustrate the prod

"Brave World"
Can you say SWEET
I turned this into one of the pieces of my new collection--about bravery,  reaching out and finding the truth about yourself and the world around you, becoming all that you can be and more!  To see the other 3 pieces in the set, check out my Etsy Shop--They are all looking for a GREAT home to belong to....haha!
I haven't had a whole lot of time to create this week as I've had some out of town meetings for my day job--so definitely looking forward to sitting in the studio this weekend and getting back into the groove. That is....after I clean up the  yard.  Oh ya...kinda almost forgot about that ;).  After the yard..and the laundry...and the dishes...and the vacuuming, and the floors, I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to some creative time! :)
Here's hoping you find your own Truth as you walk along this world towards all that you are meant to be!


suepelletierlaughpaint said...

jodi! great great news! you are rockin' it girl!

Pam Carriker said...

Good news for you:-) thanks for the shout out!

Penny A said...

It is such a treat to follow your steady rise in the creative universe! Congratulations on your latest *and well-deserved* accomplishments. I can hardly wait to see what comes next ;-)

Jean Skipper said...

Congratulations, Jodi!!! Your talent and your giving spirit continue to amaze me! :-)