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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dream In Color Musings and More

 There may be a chill of fall in the air but I'm still inspired by funky cool colors like magenta and lime green with a splash of baby blue, anchored down with some black, then  highlighted with a shwish of white.   I've been experimenting lately with contemporary abstracts: kinda half graffiti, half illustrative abstracts. No rules just fun and lots of inspiration goes into the many layers!   This is painting gives you a sneak peek at  one of the funky classes I'm going to teach at the ART IS retreat in October of 2011!  MY FIRST BIG TEACHING RETREAT!  
Things are coming into place, piece by piece.  
Yes--dream in color, even the things that may be out of reach right now,  may come into focus  in a blink of an eye--if you believe!  Reach out and grab what you want and never be afraid to dream.
Don't be afraid to ask for something if you want it.....That's how I've achieved several of the accomplishments that I've been able to do--just by asking and trying my hand at something.   Granted there are going to be some things that may fall into your lap by being in the right place at the right time (I've had several opportunities open up because of my ETSY shop and this blog in fact)....but the large majority of accomplishments are from having an idea or a goal, putting things into place so I am 'equipped' to achieve those things, then sending my requests, suggestions, or applications out to the right people!  You have a 50/50 chance at that point of being successful, just by trying. I try to instill this in the mind of my sales staff at work.  EVERY no leads to a yes.  If you don't ask, or don't do--it's a definite, NO!    I wanted to apply to a big work shop so through a lead from the wonderfully talented and super sweet artist,  Sue Pelletier, I applied and guess what?  I was accepted!  Magical. Grateful for friends who look out for one's my turn to do that for someone else so I'm hoping I have the opportunity at some point to give back and return the favor. 
What is that you want to do that you've been afraid of trying?
What's stopping you?  What's the worse that can happen?
Go for it!
DREAM!  Then DO!
I have been busy realizing those dreams of mine lately--big time busy, hence the lack of bloggedy blogging. I'm  at a good point now where things are manageable.  Day job still busy and demanding but most of my big projects are done for the year--hopefully a few jobs pop up, but regardless, I'm grateful for the opportunity to slow down a bit so I can plan and not react, if that makes sense! Grateful to be able to spend time with my boys as they are really the true light of my life. They support me in every way, and I'm forever proud of the men they are becoming....sighhh. 
I stepped outside on my deck Saturday afternoon and took this shot and just was in awe of how QUICKLY this year has gone by. Can it really be mid October already?    I need to go back to my list of goals from January to see what else I need to tackle before the year comes to a close. It's easy to fall off track unless you keep revisiting your plan or list of wanna dos :)  I fall off track VERY easily, believe me!
One of my goals was to do 2 online classes this year (create 2 that is...) and I did achieve that, whoohoo!  This face is a sample from the cover of the journal I have been working in for my latest class, 'Let's Face It'....41...that's me.....I'm here, a single mom, bank manager, artist, sister, friend--reflecting on the obstacles I've overcome, and the choices I've made to get me to this age.  42 is around the corner, hard to believe but it is.  I'm over the halfway point so I'm obsessed with getting it right.  Well, maybe not obsessed, but hopeful that I'm on the right track.  All we can do is our best and enjoy the ride, right?  Here's hoping your goals and achievements for 2010 are all on track and you've had a year that you are proud of.   There's still time left to tie up some loose ends and make plans for 2011, so let's do this together and never forget to DREAM in is much more interesting that way!

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Rebecca said...

Oh my, I LOVE that second one, is that the Let's face It sample? It's gorgeous!!