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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Looking Back--Going Forward!

The deep freeze is in full swing here in North Carolina. Temperatures are as cold as I can remember them being since I moved here. Still no snow though, much to my 9 year old son's disappointment. While it's cold outside, it's always warm here in the studio. Most of the art I've completed in the last few weeks since my last newsletter went off and away to THIS project. I can't wait for the book to come out! This contribution will be my first to a book and it definitely is a dream come true artistically. One day I'd love to write one of my own, but in the mean time, this is a wonderful opportunity. I hope you all will run out to buy Pam's book in the fall when it releases!
Every month or so I work on a new grouping of Sweet HeARTs. I love the simple beauty and the inspiring messages that are conveyed with each heart. I remember during my first art show, a customer was searching and searching through my magnets and other hearts I had on display. I asked her if I could help her find something special. She told me she was looking for a heart that said Serenity because it was a word that a friend of hers who was working through a substance abuse problem needed to hear and see every day to remind her of how far she had come. She found a heart that said just that. I'm not sure what prompted me to make one that said that message but it was so amazingly gratifying to hear that it my simple but meaningful work would make a difference to someone who needed that word. Right then, at that moment.

Art has a way of healing. It truly is a source of inspiration when we need it most. The piece above is called, "Broken But Not Lost". It's one of my newest works and perhaps one of my most personal pieces that I have offered to sell and share with those who admire my work. For those of you how know me and for friends who only know of me, this piece captures some of my dark moments I have gone through over the last 6 years as I have dealt with a person in my life that could have broken me if I let him. I realize now, especially over the last few weeks as trying as they have been, that no one can break you but yourself. It's okay to feel pain, sorrow, disappointment, even shame if that's what you feel. Picking up the pieces so you can heal takes time, but doing so saves you from becoming 'Lost'. For me, working on my art does most of my healing for me emotionally. I can escape and work through my feelings as I paint. Letting go of this painting is almost metaphorical in that I am letting go of my past that has caused me the pain that it had.

Other news worth items to share--check out my latest article in Cloth Paper Scissors, Jan/Feb 2010 issue! On newstands now! This article shares some tips and tricks I use and suggest to get a grasp on your creative process and make it work for you. Lots of great suggestions, organizational tips, and motivation to start your creative New Year off right! You can find this magazine in most major books stores and art supply stores or order it online!

The magazine also features a few of my pieces from my "Green Apple Village" collection as a backdrop for this article! woot woot!

The first week of January, I was honored to have been asked to share a few words in an interview over at Stacey Merrill's blog, Art Snark. Part 2 of that interview showcased a few areas of my studio. Be sure to stop by to see both interviews!
Part 1
Part 2
Don't forget---Save the date for my "Jump into Journal Writing (and visual journaling) Work Shop"
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If you are looking for some inspirational ways to use your art supplies, play and test out techniques, create with wild abandon, or write your innermost thoughts, then this class is meant for you! What better way to lay down your New Year plans then in an art journal!


Play with color.
Inspiration isn't magical, it is a miracle.
Find yours in every day moments when you are least expecting it!

I wanted to end this newsletter by showcasing one of my first paintings ever sold about 3 years ago. "Almost Invisible" I truly love this piece as it symbolizes my embarking into the artist world after needing to work through some issues. Similar things to what I've been going through lately before creating "Broken but not Lost". I am constantly reminded by this piece and really by this journey over all, that we all can overcome obstacles. Even when obstacles are other people. Letting go can be healing, and it is even more gratifying knowing that good things do come from bad. Heck, let's not just stop at overcoming, lets allow ourselves to soar to greater heights! It can happen.

I don't know that we are meant to understand reasons. Knowing that they exist is enough for me.

Until next time,
Live to Create
Create to Live

Jodi Ohl


ArtSnark said...

Wonderful post, Jodi. You have been so busy! Look forward to seeing what you come up with for 2010

It was a pleasure having you for a bloggy visit :D Thanks again

Patti said...

Hey Sweet Jodi
long time no comment - so glad to see how much you have going on, great work and so many opportunities!! yay.

Eileen W. said...

Hi Jodi,
I love your emotive portraits- the way your feelings are shared with the viewer is beautiful. I also love the layers you get with your work. I'm so looking forward to the CW class with you. :D