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Monday, January 11, 2010

New Article in Cloth Paper Scissors!

Each new time I see an article I wrote, or a piece of art work I create published in a national magazine, I get that (whaddya call it...) warm and fuzzy feeling? I'm pursuing a dream that I started long ago but left on the table until the right time came along again to pick up the pieces and embark on the journey once more. It doesn't happen magically though, and that's really the main theme in this article. You have to begin somewhere to 'begin'. A simple concept but one that escapes us when we let other things (people, ourselves, activities) get in the way. Developing good creative habits that enable you to pursue what ever it is you want to pursue takes focus, determination, and good old fashioned elbow grease. Set goals for yourself, chip away at them day by day and you will succeed by simply having started.
Please check out the full article and start pursuing your dream today!

Would you believe this Spring will mark my 3rd year as a working (part time) artist? Wow. Where does time go? I love creating these little collages as a fun reminders of how ideas and dreams can materialize right before your eyes. You simply have to start.....
To celebrate my 3rd year as an working artist, I'm offering a special discount:

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So how are you doing on your 2010 creative goals? Are you working on making them happen? What about your personal resolutions or achievements you are striving for? Tell me about your progress!


Nina and/or Ruthie said...

Congrats, Jody on living your dream! Most people allow fear to hold them back. Can't wait for my issue to arrive! ~Nina in San Diego!

Angela Friend said...

Wow! Your story is such an inspiration for me and so many other artists! Congratulations on all your success! Keep up the great work and thank you for inspiring me!

-Angela Friend

Seth said...

Congrats Jodi. Saw the article in CPS. Great!!

deborahdee said...

Congratulations Jodi. I just finally got to experience the same warm, fuzzy feeling getting my first magazine article. I would love for you to drop by & visit my blog - I'm a fellow North Carolinian trying to pursue creative dreams. And you have been one of my inspirations. Thank you.