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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Still Looking for Home!

Lil Birds-works in progress: "We, Me, Family"

Ohhh my nose is to the grind lately, when I'm determined to do something, I'm almost obsessed about making it happen. So, my latest obsession is house hunting and finding that next place to call my OWN (finally). After all, I am 40 years old so it's about time I take that next step and make this happen. I'm in love with an older house but it has small bedrooms and small bathrooms (1 & 1/2 bath). I think I'm in love with it because it has a WONDERFUL space for a studio, and the yard is comfortable, nicely landscaped and full of mature plants and trees that create a cozy back yard. Can I live with a smaller bedroom and not so big of bath for the other things that I do love???? I'm going to go see a few more places on Wednesday so I'm not going to let my overwhelming love for the studio space out weigh my senses for the things that are not so perfect. The two other places I thought would work are under contract now so that must be a sign in some way, shape or form. Tiime will tell, right? Hopefully I will know!

Othew news-I've worked out some details with the girls at Swank and we will be offering classes at their new location starting August 26th. For right now, it will be one class a month but if demand warrants adding on more classes, I'll go from there. I'm excited about venturing out into teaching in person! It's a new opportunity and a new experience that will help me as I shape my artsy career that i so very much want. The first class will be basically an intro to mixed media. I'll be doing, "Magical Mixed Media Backgrounds". I will be showing how you can erase the fear of the white canvas by opening up to backgrounds full of depth and interest to provide a basis for other art projects, whether they are journaling, jewelry, collage or a painting. The class will be 2 hours starting August 26, at 6:30 and going to 8:30 and the cost will be $25.00. I will also offer a supply pack for $12.00 so beginners are encouraged to try it out, or you can bring your own goodies.

Whether you join us for the new class or not, be sure to check out their new location on Broad Street in Southern Pines, next to the Sunrise Theater!!

Stay tuned for more details!

Until next time, keep those good thoughts coming for me to find the right home soon!


Heather Robinson said...

Oh Jodi, I can completely relate about being 40 and owning a house. I'm 44 and we just purchased our first one in December. It's honestly one of the best things I've ever done. I have my fingers crossed that you'll find "the one" and I'll look forward to hearing about your journey.

Regina said...

There's nothing like the energy & excitement that comes from teaching. Seeing the AHA! on the face of your student is priceless.

Best to you in your quest for a nest of your own. xo

Patti said...

well, how small are the bedrooms? cozy or claustrophobic? sounds like the ideal studio part is a selling point - what's the neighborhood like - good energy?
good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed - lovin' the pink!

Jeanne Rhea said...

Personally, I don't know why anyone needs a large bedroom. Jodi, you should come to my house and see how we live. The two largest bedrooms were made into one large room which is my studio. I have never regretted it. The smallest bedroom is for sleeping.

PCarriker said...

Teaching IRL is wonderful Jodi, you will love it! Have fun house hunting, it is a memorable milestone:-)

Christine said...

House hunting can be so much fun yet so frustrating when you wish you put certain parts of houses together to make the perfect house. But usually people end up with the first one they see. As for me it was house 45 and I love it.

I was wondering will be having an online class of your Magical Mixed Media Backgrounds?