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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Should I? or Shouldn't I??

LittlePinkshouses Soar (424 x 600)
Drive by posting.....see my new work?? Who doesn't love little pink and white houses?
I know I do! Speaking of houses.....
LittlePinkhousesLiveLoveLaugh (414 x 600)
I started to look for one FINALLY. I've been renting forever and finally decided to take the plunge. I was pre-approved yesterday so that gives me some hope. However, from the houses I looked at, what I want is just out of my reach so I'm scared to take the plunge. I really need something with studio space that not only I can work in, but perhaps take on some private students occasionally. hmmm....what to do when you have champagne taste on a beer budget ;)
Really, I want a three bedroom, two bath, medium sized kitchen..I'm really tired of my galley kitchen and want one that I can move around in, cook, and have peeps hang out as I whip up some magic. I really don 't want to use a bedroom as a studio, I'd rather use a den, sun room, or other designated space so that's where I"m having trouble finding something that fits. Oh..of course in a good neighborhood. A little yard would be nice but not too much (my 2 acres has gotten the best of me and I don't want to deal with it anymore).
littlepinkhouseslive (426 x 600)
I did find an older home with lots of character and a DEN with 3 walls of ceiling to floor bookshelves that can be rearranged which I thought would be perfect for my growing stash of supplies. While I like the home, the bedrooms are small, and it needs a little updating (wall paper throughout, and kitchen cabinets that are less than to be desired), but other than that it is pretty close to perfect. Neighborhood isn't exactly what I wanted..but close. I'm just afraid of buying an older home that needs too much renovating (which to the eye it doesn't appear to have too much that needs to be done...but you never know).
littlepinkhouses (417 x 600)
Sigh...I'm rambling. :) I'm at a cross roads of something I really want to do but afraid of it at the same time. The cost of owning scares me, too. It looks like my monthly payments will go up by about 300-350 dollars. YIKES. Scary stuff!!! LOL I will just wait and see hopefully the right home will come my way when the time is right. Patience isn't my virture though!


Other notes, my work shop, Fun with Faux Encaustics is up and running and I couldn't be more proud of all the work that went into it and the positive feedback I've been receiving about the class! There's still time to sign up as it is an open class so you work at your own pace and can view the videos at any time. Try something new and join us! (My work shop is listed about half way down the page or so).

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Till next time--think about what it is that you are dreaming of and even if it's a stretch....start working towards making it happen!! Do it with me! :)


starrynightimpressions said...

ooohhhh Jodi, take the plunge, take the plunge!!!! You'll never regret it! I love older homes,as long as there are no big issues. They always have more character. Don't think of it as the place where you'll always live, this is just your first place and more will follow. So, if the small rooms are doable and the kitchen cabinets can be painted etc. don't let that stop you. More important is do you feel safe in the neighborhood, because that is something you can't change.

and regarding your pink and white canvases..... glorious! As always, your work is so wonderful.

PCarriker said...

ooo, I love old houses, so much character! I lived in and renovated a 1905 victorian styled house. It was a lot of hard work but very rewarding. It feels good to be a houses keeper to ensure it goes on living. I hope you find your dream home:-)

whyte said...

You'll know it when you see it Jodi, keep my neck of the woods it's almost unheard of to write a purchase contract without a "right to inspect" contingency. Hiring a 3rd party private inspector to throughy inspect roof, electrical, septic and plumbing, appliances, name it...all but the obviously cosmetic. And after submitting the report to the potential buyer (usually within 24 hours) the buyer has the right to cancel the contract if it's too overwhelming a situation for repair/replacement costs. Or going back to the seller and asking for price long as the contract is contingent on that home inspection.

That said, I've run into areas of the USA where it is not typical at all to do these inspections and agents and owners get really miffed that someone would write up such a contingency...unbelievable but true.

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

Congrats on looking for your first house! I literally looked at over 125 of them before I found the one I knew was right. It's older ('89) but you can't beat the trees and the neighborhood. I'm very pleased with our selection.

Most everywhere lets you get the house inspected by a 3rd party so you'll know if there are any major issues ahead of time. Just don't settle. You'll want bigger and better once you move in but in the mean time you have to live where you purchase. You'll know when it's the right one.

ArtSnark said...

Love your pinks!

You'll know the right house when you see it - just give yourself enough time

Heidi said...

Hey, we're house hunting right now too. Only we have sell our condo first, which is even harder than finding a nice place on a budget. good luck! Maybe we'll both find a place around the same time.

Marilyn Rock said...

Much luck with your house hunting Jodi! It will come; good things come slowly sometimes. But; you're on the right track. Keep us posted. Love, love, love your pink works! Best always - Marilyn I'm off to apply the last step to the encaustic canvases; a little nervous to add the black but will take the leap :)

QueenBe said...

Jodi, Good Luck on your quest. Buying a house is a HUGE decision, and from what I read, you aren't jumping into it blind. Take your time and like the others say, you will know it when you see it. I do live in an old house (not older, but OLD, 1887 to be exact), and it is lots and lots and lots of work. When you are fixing 120 years of other peoples mistakes, it's unending so yes, old houses are something to take a second thought about. Keep us posted. We will all want to see what you decide on!

Michele said...

Oooh I just love your work! It is so whimsical and fun. I just discovered your blog (and your flickr) and will be back for sure. :)

Linda said...

I love all of these pink houses!!! Found you through Katie!!