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Tuesday, July 14, 2009



There have been so many new things coming my way this year that while my word of the year was supposed to be 'Discover', I think it should have been more aptly titled, "Challenge". I've been striving to do more art (work larger, new styles, new techniques), to embark on different activities such as art/craft shows, to submit to more galleries (will be going into two new galleries this summer), spread the word about my artsy endeavors (started a newsletter this month....check my sidebar out to sign up for the monthly publication which will include a sale coupon in each issue), and continue to submit to various magazines for publication (see some of my work in both Somerset Studio magazine and Cloth Paper Scissors this month). I've also taken on more custom work and LARGER projects than I ever have before, so yes...this has been a year of challenges for me.

By far the biggest challenge and my most gratifying work though has been with the development and creation of my new workshop "Fun with Faux Encaustic". Why was this a challenge? Well, for one thing, I had no idea on how to work a video or edit movies on the computer. I totally had to teach myself the program and how to work my camera. Preparing to teach whether online or in person, or for that matter, even writing a how to article is a totally different ball game then just 'doing'. As a teacher, you might be tempted to skip over things because certain techniques or instructions may seem like they are common knowledge or well known but you can't assume everyone that will be taking your class or reading your article will know what you assume is common knowledge. So breaking down what you know how to do is an art in and of itself, and hopefully I've been able to do it with my writing and in my online class so it is accessible to everyone from the beginner to the more advanced student.

This project was also a challenge because I grossly underestimated how much time it would take me to make it all happen. That's the truth. I approached the project with enough cusion though to complete all the components on time and I'm proud to say, "I DID IT". I have always wanted to teach and hope to do more of it down the road, in fact I will be doing my first (unless something else comes up sooner) 'live' class in March at Jerry's Artarama.

The challenge to me also comes into play because I really struggle with time management between working my day job, parenting, and doing art and promoting my art biz on the side. There never seems to be enough hours in the day, but when you have a passion for something and a true desire to make it happen, you just find a way to do it. I've discovered there's no magic formula to make it happen, and even if there was, it would vary day by day because you can't control things that happen around you. You can just control yourself, your actions, or your 'in-actions'.

I'm committed to doing this. No matter how big the challenge is that comes before me. After all, what is an accomplishment if nothing else, venue to stretch yourself to new heights. The feeling of satisfaction, to me, is so much greater when I know that I've learned something new from what it is that I've taken on. I can honestly say I've learned more in the last year than I've learned over the past several years. For that I'm grateful, and for all the family and friends (especially my loyal blog readers and all the local & online artist friends I've had pushing me along the way), I owe so much to all of you.

What are you challenging yourself with lately?


Jeanne Rhea said...

You have done so much this year! If you were not working another job, you would really be flying.
Such an inspiration!

Brenda Lynn said...

Good and inspiring post. Particularly like "can only control yourself, your actions, and your in-actions." And yeah, have no idea how to fit it all into the day. You're ability to work, be a single-parent, create, blog, etc. have me in awe!

ArtSnark said...

Great post! Love the photos.

Just keeping all the balls in the air has been quite a challenge for me this year

cheryl said...

Thank you for such an intimate and inspiring post! Ilove the colors of your blog and your artwork - it is DEElightful! I too have time mgt issues and can stay up WAY too late in order to feel rested for my 9-5. You are right though, when you really want to do something, you find a way. Currently I'm do my art, and I'm creating a website which will probably take a while, but that's OK - I'm determined to learn it and your post has inspired me. Thank you! and keep up the wonderful work! Congrats on your life-success. I found your blog via CED :)

Marilyn Rock said...

Great post and your are very inspiring. Great presentation - always.

I am challenging myself, today, to treat myself to your Faux Encaustic Workshop with NO interruptions. I've told my family - hold my calls unless it's an SOS! :)

Great instructions, and I will check out the videos soon. I've got to go prep my canvases :)

Thanks for a terrific offering and I know it's a lot of work but so worth it! Your rewards are coming!

Poetic Artist said...

Wow you are really challenged your self and have done it like a pro.
It is wonderful all the work you are doing.
Thanks for sharing.

whyte said...

Great blog post Jodi, wishing you great success and the satisfaction that comes with making dreams come true!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

I'm totally in awe of everything that you've able to do. If you ask have excellent time management skill!

Lately I'm challenging myself to explore new techniques and mediums in my artwork and to submit my work for publication.

Wishing you all the best with your upcoming workshops!

Teresa Silverthorn said...

Beautiful site, and love your colors. Enjoyed my visit! :)