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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cool Feature--check it out! Affluent Artist

You all know that I've been thinking about taking my art career to a new level in that I want to do this full time but it is definitely a scary proposition. Especially when you don't have another income source coming in to rely on. However, many, many people have done accomplished their creative goal by taking the plunge and have been successful in their efforts. I've met a very interesting writer who has a great blog and a wonderful book out called the Affluent Artist.
Rick DiBiasio also wrote a little blurb about me on his blog, but really it touches on anyone that wants to 'Make the Jump". I get what he's saying. You can follow the money or you can follow your heart. Perhaps you can do both and actually make a decent living and be happy at the same time.

Given that I'm fortunate to have a good job right now, and I can plan my departure...plan is definitely what I must do before I take the plunge. I need a business plan, I need a budget, I need to know my market, I need to know what it is I intend to do and what avenues I'm going to pursue. Since I do have income coming in right now and am not forced to leave, I'd be smart to pay down on all of my debt so I only have to worry about the necessities when I do go out on my own full time. I'm going to need to bring back frugal but I don't want to be deprived nor do I want to deprive my kids.....gosh, I want it all, don't I????

Well, we should have it all! Why not??? much to think about, it gets me excited and makes me want to throw up all in the same breath....LOL (nice vision, huh)!

Who here has gone from a regular job to a full time creative life???? What advice do you have for me??

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Chrisy said...

Thanks for the going over to see what he has to say...sounds like you're well on the way!

jodi said...

You are so smart in all of your ideas and plans. I have no doubt that someday you will be able to do this.

Persimmons Gal said...

Good luck to you Jodi...I know you will be successful when your time comes...heck you already are now! Hugs to you friend!

Jeannette said...

Hi Jodi

I really love your blog and can relate in so many ways to your posts.I won't go into them now it would take a long time.

I am very lucky I payed cash for my house and car after selling my first home that we built ourselves.We sold it when we divorced.

I am now waiting for our small rental cabin to sell.Once it does I will have more freedom.I think being on a set schedule is what works for me.

Submit your art to magazines and visit blogs and ask them to add you to their links.Keep YOU and your ART fresh in their minds.

I plan to start buying advertising on some craft sites.I need to get my blog cleaned up first.I tend to just paint and forget about it.I also need to get myself on Etsy.

Well I'm going to shut up now cause this is long.I appreciate your postings the personal ones about your life so much.

It lets me know that I am not the only one.