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Sunday, March 08, 2009

March Mixed Media Mission: Art Possible

s\March Mixed Media Madness

So this is what has been driving me and 20 others crazy over the last month and half....keeping us up at night, scratching our heads, filling our brains with fear and dread--until a stroke of genius washed over like a great ray of sun after a dreary day and we were finally able to see the light of day as our visions or at least the attempt to recreate our vision came to fruition just before the 'M4' (March Mixed Media Mission-Art Possible Challenge) deadline reared it's frightening, yet exhilarating head.

This challenge was the brain child of the lovely Jean Skipper, owner of Artist Alley and a fantastic jewelry artist, and Penny Arrowood, artist and maker of LOVERLY scented soaps and candles (and President of our Guild). At times we praised these two women, other times cursed them for getting us wrapped up in this out of this world project-but in the end, we all agree that Penny and Jean created a challenge that was just what we all needed to get our creative juices rolling in new and exciting directions. On behalf of the guild members that participated, we thank you for doing this for us. I am very glad that I joined in the fun. For half a minute I almost didn't sign up. But then I thought, what do I have to loose?? What's the worst thing that can happen?? I had nothing, absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain is the answer to this test.

March Mixed Media Madness
(Feature in Friday's Pilot, a local paper for Moore County, NC)
March Mixed Media Madness

Welcome to the Artist Alley, Jean Skippers lovely gallery (be sure to visit her Etsy Shop for some AWESOME original jewelry designs....I bought a gorgeous necklace this weekend), the Alley played host to this M4 challenge show.
March Mixed Media Madness
Unveiling the contents of the mystery box-full of 33 different items-many of the items had multiples within their category to use, so in effect we had 100's of bits and pieces of what nots to use within this challenge.
March Mixed Media Madness
Ta-da--here's my piece showcased this month at Jean's gallery. Even though I don't sell my wares there, she opened up her gallery to myself and the other guild members for the m4 challenge for the the month of March.
March Mixed Media Madness
Close up of "Dreams Begin Here"

March Mixed Media Madness

As I walked through the gallery this weekend....first on First Friday sneak preview night, then again on Saturday when all the M4 pieces finally arrived and were placed, the one thing that struck me (among the many things) was the wide array of pieces that were made from the same beginning. No two were alike even if they did use some of the same substrates, each piece was totally unique and amazing. We had sculptures, assemblages, collages, paintings, art dolls, altered books, jewelry, and more all birthed from the same box of contents. I would show more pics of the events, but several artist want to pursue other venues after the show so I don't want to compromise their chances. I might even do the same thing--but I couldn't wait. I'm very proud of what I created and wanted to share this entire process with you. The biggest revelation I had through this process was that I can do things that are outside of my comfort zone. The fear of failure is really out of proportion with reality. What is failure anyway? By doing this piece, I discovered some new techniques and enhanced my skills in other areas of painting and collage that I was already using. Lastly, I know I was encouraged to do my best no matter what that was at the time by all the loving and encouraging members of our guild. We were all there to catch eachother with this challenge, and to soar ahead with new ones.

There is strength in numbers and there are more possibilities to fly, once you spread your wings.

So what are you waiting for?? Go ahead little bird and fly on to your next challenge....but first, tell me what it is that you are hesitant to do and why???


glimmering prize said...

jodi- what a fantastic piece you made! challenges are fun that way- all filled with dread and anxiety- yep!
hugs from up north

ArtSnark said...

just FAB!

createitcottage said...

I love that piece! I bet it was fun!!


WAY COOL !!!!!!!

Tess said...

Congrats Jodi, Thanks for sharing this news with us. I think you did great with this challenge, your piece is wonderful.

Jeanne Rhea said...

I love your piece and it is so you! I had so much fun at this event and hope we have many more.