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Saturday, February 28, 2009

State of the Studio


She's working it, girls....she's working it!

Tonight's the first night in WEEKS that I've felt like really working on anything. Not sure what hit me but I could probably go all night but my commons sense is telling me to start wrapping it up for the evening, after all, it is almost 10:30. I guess because I was sick for most of February, my mojo went on vacation while I recovered. She's back though...I can feel it!

This evening I worked on getting a few pieces completed that I am stockpiling for the art show mentioned in the last post. I'm hoping to have at least 50 originals to showcase and I think I can do it, as I'm taking things out of my shop downtown for that weekend in addition to the 15 I already have here. I'll also work on making at least 150 magnets (have about 40 done so I'm in good shape with that). Thank you to those who sent me some great tips, I really appreciate it. It's an outdoor show so the big things I'm worried about is the tent and walls to hang my pieces on. The good news is that I put a call out to the guild that I belong to and someone offered to sell me an EZ pop up tent that they no longer use. That's a big item off my list, so I'm definitely relieved.

Next Saturday is the M4 challenge (see my sneak peek in the last post) art gallery showing at the Artist Alley. If anyone is in the area of Moore County, NC-be sure to stop down to Jean Skipper's gallery and check out our show! It is going to be a great one, and I can't wait!!!

Okay I'm off to paint for a few minutes, do laundry, make dinner then take my oldest son back to his Dad's and brave the torrential rain that is supposed to turn into snow tonight. Perhaps we will have a snow day tomorrow...:)

Question of the post: What's upcoming in your creative world that you are excited about???
((BTW..I love hearing about you when I pose questions, it's always so much fun!))


ArtSnark said...

Messy is good - it means you're busy ;D Good luck with everything coming up. Nothing exciting around here. Just thrilled when I get to steal some time to create. Glad you're feeling better

Trisha said...

Good luck with the upcoming show. You sound like you have a good start on having enough inventory. Congrats on the tent, I am sure that is a huge load off your mind to have that taken care of. I hope I can get to the show and check out your booth. I have been inspired by you to try and get my work in some local galleries. So right now I have an art table full of partially finished items that will hopefully become beautiful pieces that I can show to some galleries soon. have fun! Trisha

Lucy said...

Stacey--this is my clean version of my art!! You should have seen it before I reorganized ;)

Trisha-I'm so glad you are going to work on putting some of your pieces in local galleries! Keep plugging away and I'm sure you'll see everything coming together!

Patti said...

wow, you don't seem to have an issue with huge goals! glad you're back at the table (neat or messy:).

am I the only one who hasn't gotten the latest cps??!! sigh.

oh, I'm excited about finding a new direction!

Tess said...

Oh MY, a house shaped canvas, love it! Did I tell you how much I enjoyed your article and tidbits in ClothPaperScissors?
Now do take the time needed to get all better, I am so glad you've got your creative muse back though. Have fun with that...

pinkglitterfae said...

Jodi, I am glad to hear you're feeling better and that you got your art mojo back :-)
looks like you are creating a storm there! Those houses are so cute!! I've been reading about people painting houses, and couldn't really picture what they looked like till now. I will bet yours will be fantastic!
I just picked up CPS last night, and hear you are in it? Can't wait to read it tonight :-)

pinkglitterfae said...

sheesh, I forgot to answer your question :-)
what am I excited about? well I have no shows or galleries in my future, but I am looking forward to continuing some folk art paintings I had done years ago. I love folk art and have moved away from it lately, so I want to do a series of girls/angels, very soon.