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Thursday, February 26, 2009

New work and February Winner!

Here's a sneak peek at a project I just finished for the Carolina Mixed Media Guild. The project itself was a stretch for me because although I do use several different elements in my pieces, mostly they are paper and medium related, this project included about a bazillion seemingly unrelated pieces. Our challenge was to put them all together into a work that represented ourselves (or our art style). In the end, I found that by taking a leap of faith and jumping outside of my comfort zone, I was able to find new ways to grow in what I do. I may not continue to add a lot of artifacts in my art, but I'm definitely going to look at the possibility ephemera holds in adding new dimension to my work.

What else have I been doing this week? Over the last few weeks I've been working on opening a new bank and FINALLY we had our opening Monday. Phew. What a project but it's been fun. It's been stressful, and it's still in it's infant stage but I finally feel like I'm on solid ground again and focus on what I do. That's a good feeling.

Personally, many of you know. My stepmother passed last week and that's definitely been heavy on my heart. It's tough when some you love and care about pass away. She will definitely be missed. Thank you again for all of your thoughts and concern. It's definitely been a great source of comfort.

Artistically, as you can see from the above picture, I've been immersed in the guild project. In addition to that, I had a custom order I finished this month, then I signed up for my first art/craft show in April. There's no turning back now. It's going to be something I either sink or swim at doing. I think the biggest thing I worry about is my display. I don't have anything to display I'm fearful I'll go out and spend a bucketload of money on display fixtures and then make zilcho on the show. I need to find out if I can buy anything used from someone that no longer does art shows. hmmmm. I'n going to try to have fun with this and not get worked up and stressed out about it. Anyone that knows me though, knows that it's in my nature to throw myself into what I do but to also STRESS OUT about it at the same I'm trying to change's hard to teach a 40 year old dog new tricks!!

Question of the post: Have you ever done an art show/craft show and what did you use for displays?? Any tips you wish to pass on to me for a successful show?

Last but not least, I used the random number generator to pick one of you artfully talented and wonderful Sweet Repeaters from my February giveaway post and the winner is.....ta dahhhh:

Shara!! Whooooohoooo
Shara happens to be in a group of my first bloggedy blog friends I met online a couple of years ago. Since I first started visiting with Shara on her blog, I have been in awe of her thrifty talent, heart warmed by her generosity and, entertained by her wonderful story telling ability.

Her prize? A $25 gift certificate to my Etsy shop and a free print!

Congrats, Shara!!

Now y'all answer my craft show question and then go visit Shara!!


Regina said...

for your display, it really depends on a lot. How much space you have, how big & what type of merchandise you have. Do you think you might do a lot of this.
Indoors or outdoors.
So far my shows have been with jewelry, so it's not the same as having paintings - but there are some things that stay the same. For small items, it's nice to have them at a height where shoppers don't have to bend over at the waist. They will be more comfortable & take more time to look which increases the chances they will buy. My tables have adjustable legs to accomodate that height.
Because I don't do shows all the time and try to keep my expenses down, I improvise. You would be surprised how things like bookshelves, wire mesh cubes and other storage devices can be repurposed in a display.
The main thing to remember is that your products are the star.
I hope some of your other readers can give you more specific ideas for hanging your artwork.

The Decorated House, Donna Courtney said...

Wonderful new art piece Jodi!
Good luck with your show.
I'm so sorry about your step-mom. I missed that among all the posts. It's so tough, but as you know it somehow does get a little easier with time.


Very cool piece, Jodi...looks like it was fun !!!

Shara said...

Oh mY! I am so excited to own an original piece of Juicy Artwork. Thank you so MUCH! And, thank you for the sweet kind words! ;o)

My parent do craft and art shows. They make Native American jewelry and other Native American crafts. They use big tables with lots of stacks of books, big bowls and other shapely things on the table coverd up by a huge piece of fabric. The fabric nestles into the bowls and over the books to make hollow spots for jewelry, stairsteps for other things. They also use a lot of baskets to hold things - baskets that look native that I thrifted for them over the years. They also driftwood, sticks, rocks and other natural elements to hold things and to display things. I don't know if any of these things would work for your artwork, but it might make you think about what you already have or can borrow. Nature is a great provider of interesting things for displays.

Thanks again! Shara

Trisha said...

Hi Jodi,
I love your new piece of art work.
I did a small art/craft show once and I used lattice for my display. I took two lattice panels and hinged them together so they could stand and then used curtain hooks to hang the paintings from the lattice.
Where is the show you are going to be in?

ArtSnark said...

Fun piece, Jodi. Love the bold colors & forms

Tess said...

I love the mixed media piece you did here. Very pretty and colorful. Thanks for sharing, I knew you'd end up having fun with that.
I've done craft shows before and found long tables with table cloths a must. I also have a 3 sided partition I take that has chicken wire built in and I hang things from it. Check your spot out first. I was once in a school building that had carpeting half way up the wall, thumbtacks and strait pins worked great for sidplaying items on those walls. Latticve wood is a great display item also. Check with one of the shops you display in as they may be willing to allow you free use of extra displays in their back rooms for a short while or for displaying their business cards.
Good Luck and by all means dear, stop stressing and have fun with it. Enjoy yourself and have your items prices set ahead of time.

Tracy said...

I love this piece. Expanding from your comfort zone is always an exciting adventure. I love the addition of the scrabble pieces.

jodi said...

I like the putting of the puzzle pieces on the woman.

risa said...

LOVE the new seems different, but still you!

I have never done a show, other than at my studio...and that's easier cause I can hang my artwork on my walls...but, one suggestion I have is if you are looking at buying anything check out craigslist for your never know what you'll find there...maybe you would even want to post what you're looking for. You might find an artist who would rent you display items for this show...

Let us know how it all goes!

Oh, I picked up the new CPS last night (another date night trip to the bookstore!)...wonderful article...can't wait to get to the studio to work!


Patti said...

Love the work and the elements you've incorporated - a 'new direction' and it keeps getting BETTER and you know what I mean!

I like using old scrap doors, shutters and such for displays... don't know if you can find anything like that on the cheap...

Jeanne Rhea said...

Love your challenge piece! It still looks like your work. Mine is almost finished. Just a tad more work. I am so relieved. I'm going to make a post about some of my ideas that I did not use. Maybe someone else can use them now.

Anonymous said...

I love this. I love the collage elements in this, your SO good at it and this works!!!! Love, love, love it. Can you tell I like it?