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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Are We Back Home?? (EDIT with instructions))

Yayyyy, we have a snow day in NC today!! Here's a shot at 7:30 this morning out my backdoor. It's a scene I miss from my NY days but on the other hand, don't want to see too many of just the same :)
Out the front door and there's more snowy goodness. I'm going to get my but in gear and get outside for real not just in my jammies snapping pics from my doorway. I was looking through some pictures on flickr and there's one amateur photographer I especially like and she uses a canon eos 50d I, let's put another thing on my "I want that" list so I can take awesome photos, too!


Speaking of awesome photos...heheeh....look at this ghostly gal. Here's another experiment in my portrait execution and photoshop play.. I'm getting better at this thing. Still a ways to go as I'm stumbling on techniques by accident and not exactly doing what I want to do but all the same I'm learning as I go!

How I achieved this effect on photo shop...
1) Open up the file you want as your main feature.
2) Turn it to black and white, adjust to the contrast you want (add more green, add more this case I darkened the highlights).
3) Add a layer of color fill. I chose a light pink and adjusted the opacity down quite a bit.

newdo (524 x 600)
4) Next, open up a background picture. I chose a picture that I took around the same time I took this photo of myself last spring.

5) If it appears on top of your screen, go back to the background layer picture that has your main feature.

6) Now, move the new picture on top of the main picture. It's going to cover your main picture all up so over on the right, move the opacity bar down until you achieve the flow through effect you want.

7). Next, I merged all layers and then cropped the photo to my liking.

8) Last, I just used my pen tablet and added pseudo photo corners with a dry media brush tool. You can do this with your mouse, too, if you don't have a pen tablet. Pick your pencil pixel, then take the drop down box and pick your pencil type and play with borders, etc.

**I'm doing this from memory so hopefully you get the gist enough to be able to try it your self. You can try duplicating a layer or two, add more color fill layers and play with the enhancements.***
2008_04100004 (600 x 450)
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Martha Lever said...

Thanks for stopping by today! I love your art and all your hearts. So happy! I am planning to take Nancy's class in March. Love your Photoshop portrait experiment! How'd you do that? I love the magic of Photoshop!

Patti said...

Love the photo - how did you do it?! I've been messing around in photoshop after many years away from it and it's so... infinite, what you can do with it. Just need more time, that's all:)
It's been snowing here too - is kinda reminiscent of the old days, huh!

Mom said...

Hey, Jodi Ohl! I'm The Queen of Cups from etsy and thought I'd check out your blog. So lovely, the colors are so enticing!
I want to buy everything to help launch my creative endeavors!
Beth Jaffe

Tess said...

Oh JOdi, Love the pic, thanks so much for the tutorial. I need to find time to play with Photo Shop, remember I got PS Elements for Christmas. I'd love to do a photo of my daughter with a flower she loved added during a walk we took near Homer's Pond this last fall.
NOw don't get too cold playing in that snow! LOL!

Martha Lever said...

Thanks SO much for the instructions in Photoshop!!!!!!!!!!

dragonflydreamer said...

I love your art and really want to learn how to create a mixed media collage. I have been learning Photoshop mostly by trial and error. I am going to play with the technique you used on your photo.