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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Show and Tell Christmas Edition

It's show and tell day at Sweet Repeats!
Paper Heart Earrings from Amy Smith.

Awesome spread at our Carolina Mixed Media Guild Christmas Party! This is just a portion of our wonderful spread staged in Viveanne's uber fabulous studio.

What's a party without some wine, dip and crackers??

Would you look at Viv's fabric and bins?? Did I say her studio is fabulous? Creativity and inspiration in every corner!
Examples of our Ornament swap that was held Thursday evening. No two were even close to being a like. So many wonderful creations by all of our mixed media artists!

Had to show Jeanne's hostess gift--gotta love the ta-ta's on this naughty gingerbread girl..LOL

This closeup courtesy of Amy's delightful budding artist and son, Adam!! LOL

Here's the ornament I received in the swap from our other Jean, jewelry designer extraordinnaire!

Love the swirly at the bottom and detail on this piece!

It doesn't get much cuter than this, a fabulous ornament from a longtime blog pal and part of the 3 musketeers of Goodness Girls of our Sweet Goodness Swaps, Miss Heidi!!

Delightful prize I won from Gifts of Creation--2 sets of note cards! Big thank you Magdalene

Super Sweet ornament from Rebecca, another LONG TIME pal and fellow Goodness Girl. Love the vintage shadowbox ornament!!

Last but not least--here's a picture of my new piece hanging up at a local shop in downtown Southern Pines. It's always exciting to see your work hanging from a store wall. I love it!


Lots of goodness everywhere in my world. Thank you friends!

Hope everyone is fairing well in their Christmas preparations. For me, this season has totally snuck up on me. I haven't done nearly the amount of cooking, decorating, and shopping that I normally do-but there again, I have done a lot of other things that are working towards my artistic goals. There's not enough hours in the day to do it all. In 2009, I hope I become better at organizing my time and achieving everything on my list. I do accomplish a lot, but it seems like lately I chase my tail more than

Oh well, nothing that half price martini's can't fix tonight ;)

Hope the rest of your week is full of creativity and inspiration!


Jeanne Rhea said...

Such fun looking at all of the memories of our meeting. About the gingerbread girl---I think her boobs look larger in a photo---Don't things closer to the camera look larger? ;) Love your new painting hanging in the shop.

aimee said...

such yummy goodies! and congrats on your work in cloth paper scissors! :)

LA said...

Your painting looks fabu! I dig those ta-ta's. Wish mine would stand up so pertly!

Hope drinks night made a difference.

Cheers! LA

Penny A said...

Great pix, as always!

Great drinks, too :-)

Hope you and your little men have WONDERFUL holiday!

- p

Patti said...

Love the earrings - and what a babe! The party looked too fabulous, I'll have to see if Kentucky has a mixed media guild!
Thanks for sharing all the photos - hope someone buys your painting - perfect gift!

Persimmons Gal said...

How fun Jodi! What a blessing to have a local group like that! I need to start one!

Merry Christmas friend!


PCarriker said...

What a 'fun Ginger' Spice Girl! Your painting looks wonderful on that wall! I think it is my favorite of yours. Oh, oh, 'Dancing Queen' just started playing-woo-hoo, now I'm staying for awhile!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

What a fun party it must have been! What a wonderful group of artist friends you have ~ Many Christmas blessings! (And by the way, I love your curls in the top pix!)

ArtSnark said...

Thanks for sharing -looks like a blast! The ginger folk are classic & the fabric storage is just brilliant. Still overhauling my space & will definitely have to replace my 2 trunks with a similar system.
I'm also madly in love with the new painting - If i wasn't already way over my art budget it would be coming home with me :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow--that looked like a fabulous party! How fun to get together with other creative people. I just love your new art--your style is really becoming distinct now and you have gotten to the point now where I would be able to pick out your work in a crowd and say "hey, that's my friend's work!"

Have a beautiful and Blessed Christmas!

Hugs, Karen

laura said...

Oh wow! I gasped when I your latest piece. It is just if only I can transform myself into a little energy wisp who can live in that house I'd be happy!

Happy Solstice!