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Monday, October 13, 2008

Peace Love Joy -Sweet Repeats


Ohhhh I soooo needed time away to find a little peace. My head has been pounding, my senses on overload and my stress level over the top. I really believe too much tv and news has done this to me in great part. Work is the other part that attributes to my anxiety and stress. Every where you turn, it seems like our financial world is going to you know where in a hand basket. And you are reminded of it. And reminded of it. It' s almost as if all the doomsday talk has manifested itself by word of mouth. Of course it's more complicated than that, but when all you here is negative, negative, becomes reality. I needed some peace and time away from it all.
Away we went. We rented a little cabin in a not so secluded place but just far enough off the path that it seemed as if we were out in the wild wilderness. Okay, so maybe the paved roads gave it away but who's being critical here. It was nice and quiet and full of laughs and good times.

Surround yourself by loved ones and it all becomes so much more clear. You need to have bonding time with those closest to you, after all...without friends and family, you really have very little in life.

Ohhhh those silly boys who are growing so fast and furious, they are becoming mini men before our eyes. **my two are in the center, Zack and Josh***

Caught in the act of marshmallow sacrifices. Good times that will be remembered by all.
And back to reality tomorrow, but a back a bit more refreshed and relaxed. Talk to me again on Friday and we will see if the feeling Perhaps I should limit how much I read and how much news I intake. While I don't want to be ignorant of what' s going on in the world, I don't want it to kill me either.




That's what really matters.


We visited Carowinds this weekend for their Haunted Halloween themepark. What a hoot. Scared so bad I about tinkeled in parts. LOL It stinks getting old. Bladders aren't what they used to be especially when you have bloody vampires chasing you with a chains saw. All in a days fun. I even rode 4 or 5 rollercoasters. sighhhhh. Fun yes. Scary oh hell ya. I'm a chicken you know what. But I did it. For awhile, then took a few breaks--no you go ahead, I'll wait. Ya right, I was too

((Playing with Picasa)
The park was scary at night. Looks like some didn't make it out this weekend.

bones everywhere. Such a shame. I'm sure they were such nice people.

After (okay so I should have put the before first--who am I to follow the natural order of the world?)

Playing with this to transform photos--thanks Miz Smoochie for linking this fun feature!

Take time out this week to escape from the choas and enjoy what really matters.


PCarriker said...

Oh, how fun Lucy! Good for you getting away from it all. I can totally relate to the mini men syndrome. My oldest made it into the adult name swap for Christmas this year, where does the time go?


what fabulous fun !! I hope it de-stresses you for more than just one week :) And your new mini pieces are so sweet.

Anonymous said...

A news fast isn't a bad idea - the news media does sensationalize, they have to - and you'll remain perfectly up to date if you don't watch. And it might help keep you a little sanity.

I've avoided news for years and I still know what's going on, when I want to. A little bit goes a long way.

Tess said...

I agree we do need to shut out the world now and then and reconnect with those we love or just be quiet. I was off work yesterday and hubby had to work. I spent the day in my pajamas, crafting and sewing and writing. In a quiet house, just me and the cats. I loved it. I'm glad you had the time and finances to get away. The haunted house sounded like fun. Loved the pictures. I found Picasa this year and love the filters they have to use to alter photos, fun stuff.

glimmering prize said...

my boys would love the spooky theme park-
sounds like you (maybe) got some well deserved R nR!

Kathy said...

Your to much girl. I love to visit your blog. I am so happy you had some time revive your wonderful spirit!
No, bladders are not what they used to be... next time your go remember to pack a few Poise pads!!! lol

Contessa Kris said...

It sounds like the getaway was great. You need that sometimes to get some perspective. I personally don't watch the news or read the paper. DH does so whatever I need to know he'll tell me, or yahoo will when I open my email. I just don't need it. The spooky place looks down right terrifying. I'm a wuss and would have never made it out alive.

By the way, I'm just now boxing up all the prizes from my birthday celebration and realized I do not have your address for mailing out your gift. If you'll email with it, I'll get your prize out to you asap. Thanks for visiting my blog and playing along!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

I just love visiting your really have a great talent for writing in a way that readers instantly relate to. Your new blue pieces are the variation in sizes - from 24"x48" (Wow!) to 3" x 5". It's so much fun to work really BIG or really SMALL to change things up a bit.

Last week I was in a major slump, and it finally donned on me that it was media that has had me so bummed out lately. You are so right about the need we all have to just tune out the world and reconnecting with what is really meaningful in life. I feel much better this week!