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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Color Contest WINNERS and What's UP with Me :)

State of the art table tonight. I have toys out in full gear, some of my
favorites: staz on ink in black, ink essential pen in opaque white,
gel medium, golden glaze, golden titanium white, gesso, flourish stamp,
black acrylic paint. Okay, time to unveil my winning color choice for my first
collection: It's none other then Glenda of Two Cool Texans! Her choice was black,white, gray, and brick red. I already had pretty much decided on doing at least a few pieces in black and white, but I was stuck on the contrasting color--red just spoke to me. It seems wintery and fresh, and it reminds me of winter time in NY for some reason. Dark, gray, even black at times, then driving down a snow dusted street coming to a stop light, you see the stark red glaze of the light speaking to you to slow down and wait for just a bit, like winter time itself. Slowing down, waiting, refueling for the start of a new year and new beginning. Anyway, this color choice seemed right for me and it definitely is different than what I have been doing.
bw and red wIP

I had prepped the canvases over the weekend, my newest trick is stamping into molding paste to enhance the form of the stamp.
bw and red wIP
I did a black color wash of these, then used white paint with glace to add another layer so far, then overstamped with black and white inks/paint. You probably can't see it but I did add some journaling with the opaque gel pen. I wish you could touch my pieces--there's so much texture and many hidden layers a picture just can't capture!

Because I am doing more than one collection at the moment, I chose a second winner--
Runner Up-Sheila at
Createitcottage--I really love this color combo and think it speaks of winter and the holiday season in a fresh cottagy shic way and is very modern which I think will fit well in one of my stores that I have work in.

In truth, I LOVE all of your selections and had a hard time picking the runner up--I will probably use all of your choices at some point soon!! So, here's my pinky promise to you: if I use your combo before the end of the year, I will send you a prize of some sort! You'll have to trust me to contact better yet, keep checking back in since I love featuring my work in progress both on flickr and this blog. Thank you everyone for joining in this quick and inspirational contest!

I have to admit, I am scared to death that I won't be able to meet all my self imposed deadlines, but I have some great opportunities ahead of me so I am going to put my nose to the grind and create up a storm over the next couple of weeks. I have an offer to be in a prestigous venue for our area, so once I've fullfilled my commitment to them, I'll let you all in on where it is. Other things I'm doing, well I am part of a really great group project with some of my Etsy mixed media friends--my turn is coming up this weekend so I'm siked about that. We are hoping this venture turns into a publishing opportunity for all of stay tuned for that. Next, I'm working on MANY MANY ATC's for my local group of mixed media artists, the Carolina Mixed Media Guild. We are having a 'Make and Take' table at the Art of the Carolina's this November, so it's a great opportunity for us to show our work, teach a bit, and ohhhh ya, SHOP for some fabu supplies on the cheap!! As if this weren't enough, I am working on a few custom orders for some very special peeps--gotta love your mamma and sisters :) LOL. Oh ya, and keep up the etsy shop. You know what, I just need to ride this wave while it's coming and do my best that I can do. No turning back now. I'm in it for the long haul!

What wave have you been riding lately???


Glenda-TwoCoolTexans said...

Oh my, I am shocked! Me, winning. Thank you so much. I am soooo surprised. I did love the color combination, but gee whiz, I never win I absolutely cannot wait to see how these translate to your wonderful houses.

PCarriker said...

Lucy I love the black and white, really love it! Can't wait to see it finished, even if I didn't win-lol!

glimmering prize said...

i love whatcha doing there! TRES LOVELY!

MizSmoochieLips said...

I really wanna touch your pieces too! A few of my paintings I love the most were painted over still soft tar so there's tons and tons of texture in them and that's part of what drew me to them!

I have this idea... I'll email you in a bit :)


MizSmoochieLips said...

Oh shoot, I can't email you! I don't have your address any more :(
Try me...
unabashedrepetition (at) gmail (dot) com


these look great....have fun with your new color combos :)

Rebecca said...

Oh I love this combo! I can't wait to see where these are going. :)

Sorry I haven't been visiting, I haven't had much funtime on the computer lately! Ugh.

createitcottage said...

I'm so excited that you chose my colors, too!! I've always loved that combo!! I love the black and white backgrounds so much wonderful texture. I have to tell you I just bought that flourish stamp my last trip to Michaels. Haven't put it to use yet though!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

I can't wait to see the new pieces!

Patti said...

Imagine my delight when my mail carrier handed me a stack of letters! I saw the magazines in his arm and I said "hey, that's mine too!" The new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors!!
Killer article/tutorial and the detail on the pieces is fabulous! Love your list of texture tools - there are some new ones I can't wait to try!!!
Congrats - I'm so excited!