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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where Have I Been????

Where have I been this week? Well apparently one of the places I've been this week is on the Front Page of ETSY!! whooooohooooo! This is my first feature that I know of on the front page :) Very cool.

Where else have I been?? Well it was my oldest DS's birthday this weekend....turned 14, would you believe??? I have to still upload those pics so I will be sure to this weekend. We went out for dinner at this crazy place that all they do is throw stuff at you and be rude as can be when they wait on you..and that's the whole point of the 18 of us went, so they had lots of material for their rudeness!

What else..well, oh remember my last post? Well I was reminiscing about my college years so I figured, heck, I might as well try to find some of my pals so I joined Facebook. Has anyone joined that? Oh my goodness, talk about blasts from the past!! I found a BUNCH of my high school pals and have been chatting it up with a few of them! What a hoot! I still couldn't find Jenny, Michelle, Lynn, Keith, or Doug--my college pals but then it was Wednesday or Thursday this week that I searched again for a few of them and guess what? I found my room mate during my sophomore year in college at White Plains, Michelle!! And I was right, she is running a few companies!! Her and her husband own several businesses, very cool that we connected again!!
If you are on that site--make me your :) (if the link doesn't work, search under my real name-- Jodi Ohl)

Hmmmm what else...well, I've been sick so my energy level has been lil to none, but I have been working on some new paintings, I had an interview----more about that later, and I'm trying to finish up a new article.
Speaking of articles---I received my artist copy of the article I wrote and will be featured in soon, let me tell you, I was jumping for joy when I say the draft copy come through in full color!!!! I'm sooooo excited. Everyone, be sure to pick up the November/December of Cloth, Paper, Scissors!! And then when you get it--please write in to the editors and let them know you want to see more of my work in their magazine..LOL Heck, if the politicians can run campaigns, why not artists???

It just may be true, you just need to Believe, to Receive!! I have put a few things out there in the universe over this last year and almost all of them have come true so far!! Maybe it's a self fulfilling prophecy, maybe it's coincidence, but whatever it is, I am blessed!! I hope you feel the same about your life. It can be always be better,but then again, it could be worse. Just put your mind to something and it will come in due time!!!
Until we meet again, dream a little, believe a lot. :)


Sherry said...

Wonderful that you will be in the Nov/Dec issue of CPS!!! Can't wait to see it and of course we will all write our comps. to the editor!!! That's what we do -- we support one another.

I love your thoughts on what you put out there coming back -- it's encouraging and inspiring Lucy!!

I did facebook for awhile and then stopped -- it was one way for me to keep in touch with my Uni son. I connected with old friends which was fun but then the whole thing began to overwhelm me and I left..too many applications (and some people I didn't want to reconnect with found me...that can happen too!).

Patti said...

Funny, I was just wondering where you were and I saw your post pop up! I'll be sure to rip through the next issue of C/P/S to see your stuff.
Like Sherry said, yes! we'll write in support. Congrats on the Etsy feature!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

OMGoodness---how dang exciting!! I love CLP--and can't wait to see your article!!

That's so cool that you were able to hook up with some of your old friends...that is so fun.

AND excuse me....a restaurant where they are rude and throw things at you?? No thanks! lol

Smiles, Karen