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Saturday, September 20, 2008

State of the Art

Did you ever wonder about the decisions you make in life....and what the effect it's going to have on not just your life...but on others? There's a change in the air for me, and as I think about this next leg of the journey I'm about to embark on, I am beginning to doubt myself as many times as I reassure myself that I made the right decision. It's the trickle down effect though, what I do that effects someone else, that effects another...but in the end, I'm sure it will be for the best because the opportunity arose, I went for it...and I got it. So it must have been meant to be, right?? Right?? I can't really say much more than that until next week, but just wanted to hear your thoughts. Maybe I'm just feeling the anxiety one feels when making a big decision. When we take flight, there's that immediate drop in the pit of your stomach. Will I land safely, will the others around me survive as well? Will we reach our destination? Are we going at the right time? Did I choose wisely?

So with the anxiety I've felt this week as I walked through the doors of change, I worked a bit more on my little pink houses series to soothe my fears and created a few more backgrounds in one of my favorite color combo's: yellow, white, and gray. The little circles were done in water soluble oil pastels which I have had for awhile but haven't really used much. What better time than now to experiment? I think I am just going to do some abstract flowers on the canvases. I'm still trying to bulk up my inventory for my new store that I'm going into next month. How's that going? Well....I've only finished 4 pieces out of the 12 I wanted to You do the math.

I did clean up my table, not that you can tell from the pics, but it is a whole lot more organized than it was before. I even put down new freezer paper for the occasion. Lord knows where we are going to eat Thanksgiving dinner now that I moved the dining room table out of the way for my art table!! LOL

Last weekend we spent in Myrtle Beach celebrating my oldest son's 14th birthday and one of my good friends birthday as well. 14, it possible for me to have a 14 year old?? Y'all do know that I had him when I was 15 right?? LOL

Here he is at the rude restaurant that we went to for his birthday dinner. Man, does he look so grown up to me!

You are never too old to get presents.

Or to have your cake and eat it, too.

Today, lil man and I visited the Turkey festival in Raeford, NC. Yep, Turkey Festival. Home of the House of Raeford I'm sure that's where it originated. We shared a big ole turkey drumstick as we walked around the vendors and foodies. Yep, you might be a redneck have a turkey festival in your town!

I think he injured himself on the big blow up slide. All is good though. At least there's a smile on his face :)


Create to live, live to Create.


Sherry said...

Making major decisions produces feels of joy and feelings of dread. We become so comfortable in our "known" world that to step outside that comfort zone can be daunting. And naturally we worry about how our decisions affects others in our lives, but the ultimate truth is that you must always do what you must do to be true to your own self. As long as you are true to yourself, even the effects felts by others will be "good" because they have come from your heart and they speak the truth.

PCarriker said...

Hey Jodi,
It's always scary taking that first step. I always tell myself to give it two weeks, by then it won't feel so new and The butterflies will go away.
That is great news about the shop! I think art probably sells a lot better when viewed in person than just seeing a scanned image.
Your pink houses are so cute!

Kathy said...

Your boys are adorable...
It looks like fun was had by all. A day will come when they wont let you take those pictures, lol.
I love your pink houses, of course I am a sucker for pink. They are so sweet... Very impressive.

Heather Robinson said...

Oh, my dear Jodi. I can almost feel that clutch in your stomach and the unsettled and antsy sense that you have. You sound like you have made a very big and exciting decision. Change is always difficult as is risk. My guess is that you likely know that you need a change. Hang in there and trust yourself. Big comforting hugs. P.S. I always love seeing photos of and hearing about your boys.

Patti said...

No matter how big or scary the change we can always discern the sense of paddling against the flow, or riding the waters we were meant to travel. So, the instinct you have developed as an artist, a mother and, from what I can tell, a competent business person is not to be taken lightly - trust it! Trust that you have all the answers, the information you need inside you; even if it doesn't always mean easy:)
Love the pink houses, too, can't wait to watch them evolve!
keep us posted...

tess said...

My dear, whatever choice you have made, I am sure it is the right one! You have developed too many good inclinations and good senses over the years to allow the "bug of doubt" to influence you. I loved the photos you shared here. I look forward to seeing what you do with the yellow backgrounds. I think Thanksgiving Dinner among the art is a great idea. We share something n common, jumping into motherhood and life early. I too gave birth at age 15, she is 32 now, geez 32; now I feel old! *Smile*
Have a great day and do share as much of your new journey with us as you can.

jodi said...

I look forward to hear about your decision. It sounds exciting.

Two Little Witches said...

All changes are scary... but they always work out for the best. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy right?

A couple of years ago, my husband and I bought a new house 9 hours away from where we had spent our entire lives. We were on vacation and just loved it there. We quit our jobs and upheaved our entire family within a month... I remember that big dreadful feeling in my heart those last few days before the big day.

Were we crazy?

Heck yes... and we've never regretted it for a moment.

Have faith.

And THANK YOU!!! I received my prize today and I just love my print... It's gorgeous!!! And thank you for the sweet extras too. I so love my magnet... well my daughter's magnet... She claimed it as hers right away. LOL!

Tikig0rama said...

Thank you for my inspiring comment! I am offline for a week with a broken Apple and there it is like a shiny present just waiting for me when I return. The Artist's Way says to trust your intuition, so I'm sure you made the right choice. It will be exciting. I'll look for you on Facebook! - Tory

Contessa Kris said...

Sounds like you're on a precipice. It's okay to step over, as long as you're grounded in who you are and what you've accomplished so far in life. I hope your decisions bring only pleasure and joy.

Wanted to stop by and say hi, invite you over to my 2 week long birthday giveaway party. New posts/giveaways each day until my birthday Oct 6th!

Shelly said...

Just making my way through your blog. It really speaks to me! We just went through some major moves and life transitions (including a baby!) and I so felt your anxiety and apprehension about all the changes. We think we've recently come to a place in life (just two days ago) where we can rest for a bit before any more major upheavals. I just kept telling myself through the whole thing "I can do anything for another hour/day/week."

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It was somehow a comfort to know that I'm not the only one!