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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Little Pink Houses-Sunset Bay Collection

Little Pink Houses Collection:
Breeze Avenue, Sunset Bay, and Life at the Beach.

As you may have guessed, I've been busy creating away the last few weeks. I set a goal to make 12 new pieces in September, and I'm just shy of that goal but may come in under the wire as I have 2 small pieces and 3 more 6x6's that are just about completed. It's funny how once you set your mind to something, if you are really focused, you CAN do it. Now mind you, I'm not all that focused. I let a lot of little things get in my way and I let a lot of things go that should not be let go of. I procrastinate, a lot. Mostly because I wear myself down and get tired of trying to do it all so then I just pick and choose what I want to do and most of what i pick to do is my artwork. The heck with laundry. There is a price though that comes with letting chores and little duties go. It's that voice calling you to get it done, it's gotta get done, and the stress that comes with it knowing it hasn't been accomplished. I admire those that seem to have it all under control. I surely don't!
My big push to get a bunch of work completed is my new store I'm going to be in starting this week. I want to have a collection of items for my new potential customers to choose from as well as have them all ready to go before First Friday. Do you have a First Friday in your town? What is a First Friday? Well, here, it's really an effort to promote local shops, artists, and musicians. The downtown shop owners stay open late (usually 8 or 9 compared to the normal every day closing of 5pm), and they promote artists openings, host concerts in the park or in the restaurants, shop owners usually set out little munchies and it's as much a social event as it is promotion for the owners of the local shops. I highly recommend you visit your town's First Friday events if you haven't done so already! It's a great way to have a evening out as well without spending a lot of money unless you want to. If you DON'T have a First Friday event, why not start one? There's strength in numbers and the more shops, restaurants, galleries that participate, the bigger the crowds you will gather!

This series is named after my early childhood years growing up in a small town in Western New York called Sunset Bay. It's really a charming place to visit and an interesting place to grow up. Especially before they put the break wall in on the lake. My Dad was a volunteer fireman and every winter after the a big warm up, the ice would churn down the hills of Western NY, log jamming the creeks with mini glaciers of ice leading down to the local bays leading out to Lake Erie which then flooded many areas. We were flooded almost every year. My Father along with many other volunteers would go from house to house by boat rescuing people. I'm very familiar with floods even though I was a wee one when it happened year after year. The land is all flat but the houses now (at least they were) are all built up on a tall foundation. To visualize, we had a above ground pool, well my Dad redid our house and built the foundation up so the above ground pool was flush with our back door.

Pink Houses Set
For those of you who haven't had the pleasure to see our Great Lakes in person, other than the smaller beach areas and the woodsy landscape on much of the lakes, you'd swear you were on the ocean. In most parts, you can not see to the other side of the lake. It is a grand sight whether you visit in the winter when the ice freezes the lake over or in the summer when the sunsets on the horizon. Except for the last 10 years, I've always lived near water and it is quite an adjustment to move to a landlocked area. I miss the peace one feels when staring out on the open water or walking along the beach with sand in between my toes.


I'd love to live near the water again, and the South surely has her range of choices. But we have to deal with hurricanes and the danger they bring to your precious home and town. It ALMOST makes snowstorms and shorter summers that much more appealing again. Almost.
I do miss walking down to the beach though, meeting up with friends at the infamous Beach Club, visiting the little deli which as a child we coined 'The Little Store' because it was the only store in the bay and it indeed was very very very little! It was the happening spot and oh boy did they have great subs, oodles of penny candy, and you could even walk in and not wear any shoes, it was after all, the beach. I wonder if it's still there? Is the Beach Club? What about Calico Jacks, I can remember sitting up on top of their roof at the beach eating seafood dinners, chicken wings, and of course a cocktail or two, later on in my years. Lots of memories, lots of fun....thank you for letting the winds of time take me back to the places I have lived and loved.



beautiful pieces and I love reading the story of your attachment to and nostalgia for Sunset Bay....what a great name for a town !!!

Kathy said...

Ok, now I am not sure if I like your art or your writing more....ok, how about the same. Love it!
Your pink houses are so cute, love this color theme.

tikig0rama said...

Lucy -- Love the little pink houses, and the wraparound canvas!.. I lived in NY for awhile but never went to see the Great Lakes. You make me want to though. Hey, I did my share of growing up and walking around without shoes on, going into stores on the beach!!...

Thanks for reminding me about First Fridays.. here it is Third Thursdays and I have always wanted to go. --Tory

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Oh I have such a wonderful writting style. I get caught up in your stories every time I stop by your blog! I just love your latest pink houses series!

julie king said...

these pieces are delightful!! hope you make your goal. goals are very good things to have as they keep us motivated!!

Heather Robinson said...

Congratulations on your new venture. This is the first time I've heard of First Friday...what a marvelous idea! Your new pieces are fabulous as always and will be snatched up without a doubt. I love hearing about the various places that you've lived. You really write so wonderfully and descriptively.

MizSmoochieLips said...

What a great way to capture your memory of the Bay! One day I want a pink beach house... heh heh... with a ton of coconut trees surrounding it!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Love the Pink Houses Lucy! I especially love the way you continue your picture on the sides! Way Cool! And you said I was the busy one, I think you win that prize! Blessings Friend! Katie

Persimmons Gal said...

Great post Lucy. I live right on Lake Michigan and I know exactly what you mean about the lake. I am loving the pink color palette!

cindy silver said...

Hi Lucy: I just discovered your blog and I am very impressed with everything that you are doing. From my perspective, you SEEM to be doing it all! I came to your blog from blogcatalog, where they had listed you as having a blog similar to mine. Well that is a great compliment to me! I want to spend more time looking at your work on ETSY. I've really liked what I've seen. Good luck with your store! Check out my blog and ETSY if you get a chance with all that is going on in your life now.
Many thanks...Cindy:)

laura said...

I am just amazed because I remember when you almost tentatively showed us your work! Bravo to you. Jeez, you are turning them out at a rate that could put lots of us to shame! You and Emily over at the Black Apple are so prolific. The blog colors look great too!

Teresa aka Tess said...

Lucy, I agree with the others, your memory stories are wonderful. I like the houses theme. The wrap around the canvas is what I consider the fininshing touch. First Friday sounds wonderful, now if only I could get that started in my town. Good Luck with your venture, I am sure you and your art will be a smashing hit.