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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sweet Goodness Swaps: Pink Lemonade, Parasols, and Polka Dots

I have met a lot of wonderful people via this blog--many coming into my world just when I needed them most. It's amazing how things do happen just when you need them to, for whatever reason. The list is long for those of you have touched my life, hopefully you know who you are, but if you don't, know that your comments and friendship mean the world to me.
Having faith is what it's all about, faith in the Lord above, faith in yourself, and faith in those around you. This week has been a trying week for me. I feel like my world is spinning out of control and I'm going grayer and grayer by the minute! A lot of it is good, some of it stressful--and then just when I needed a little pick me up, here it comes, my wonderful swap gift for the Sweet Goodness Swap: Pink Lemonade, Parasols and Polka Dot swap from my lovely and talented partner, Katie. Katie is fabulously talented, and extremely generous as you are about to see.....but most of all, I really enjoyed getting to know Katie. She was a great partner right out of the gates, sending an email to me sharing a bit about herself, asking me about my life, commenting on my blog and just genuinely showing interest in getting to know me. I hope I reciprocated in a way that makes her glad to have joined this swap. I can truly say, I've had some wonderful partners in all of our swaps!!

And on to all the goodies:

Would you look at all the bountiful goodies!! Katie stuffed this box like a master packer with an artistic and creative flair. I WISH I could wrap and decorate so cutely like Katie did!

She obviously paid attention to our 20 questions list, as she made these sooooo cute hanging name plates in my nickname Lucy, adding 'Juicy' which was lovely coined by the thriftiest of all blog friends I have, Miss Shara.

Awwww....Lucy... :) Sooooo cute, I love it!! (I love the pink and brown polka dots in this background)!

Revealing my real know I have an identity crisis going on. But isn't this just the cutes set of name tags?? So much detail, and so inspiring!

Katie made the most wonderful set of tags I have ever seen! These are a few of my favorites!

Wowza, right?!

A cute little paper doll...all of these lovelies are adorning my 'studio' as we speak.

A vintage handkerchief, a thrifted pocket mirro and some lovely ribbon...the list goes on and on!

Summer drinks and parasols abound. She packed more stickers than you could imagine in this fabulous box!

Candies and summer drinks, including a gift card to my favorite coffee shop! DS and I enjoyed a frozen drink Sunday together, Thank you Katie!

The box was never ending with joyful surprises at every turn. I could hardly contain myself!! I'm going to have sooo much fun playing with all my new toys and simply enjoying my beautiful goodies, all the while thinking of how lucky I am to have met such a kind and generous soul in my new friend, Katie.....Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart! You brightened my day beyond words when I needed it most.



Next post...exciting news and some awards!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOO


Paula said...

Those tags are incredible! I'm in love with them. Looks like a great package, Lucy. Isn't it wonderful to get so much mailbox love when you need it the most? There's nothing like those Sweet Goodness Swaps. Thanks so much for being such a fantastic host!
I hope things are settling down for you at the end of this long week and you have a relaxing weekend~

Patti said...

What amazing work! I'll bet you love the name collages. Sorry about your week but yes, the universe, and He, has a way of bringing what we need into our lives, at just the right time. If there's ever an opening in your swap group, let me know - looks like fabulous work and great fun.

Heather Robinson said...

Wow, wow, wow~ You deserve to be utterly and blissfully spoiled and it sounds like your dear new friend did it in style. I so enjoyed scrolling through and seeing all of your goodies.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

You made my swap gifts to you seem like so much more than what they were ~ you are such a gifted writer and artist.

All I can say is ~ I wish I had done MOre and YoU deserve it and a whole lot more than that because you are such a special lady.

Thanks for my goodies ~ can't thank you enough (it was enough for 2-3 swaps, I'm good now for a long time)

I have my wonderful art box here with me on vacation and can't wait to post all about all of my swap goodies when I get home. GeeZ I've wrote a book..!
Gratefully Yours,

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I'm sorry life is trying for you. Just remember if you pull out any gray hairs, just tell them to grow back dark. It's worked on a number of occasions for me. Your swap looks heavenly. I love when the mailbox provides to reflect your mood. Perfect timing.