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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Coloring 101

I'm getting the hang of this photo shop thing--today's lesson: Scan one of my doodles and digitally color it AND use the pen to add text. Okay, so my hand is a little shaky yet, but it's coming along. It's just a matter of getting to understand what all the brushes are used for and how to flip back and forth depending on what you are doing. Oh--and I learned what the heck the eyedropper thingy was meant for....comes in very handy when you want to duplicate a color on another part of the image that you may have forgotten to color originally.

Hope your Saturday is treating you well--we stayed close to home and went to the pool. 3 hours in 100 degree heat was enough.I'm sure I'm burnt to a bacon crisp right about now!
Tomorrow-I'm getting up early and mowing this blessed lawn. I stress over mowing the lawn because it's so freakin huge...grrrr. I live in a rental property with 2 acres. I should get a riding lawn mower but seeing as though this isn't my 'life' home--I don't want to deal with the extra expense. Oh well, it's exercise and I bit&h about it every week, so I won't bore you with the!

Sweet Goodness Swappers--emails are starting to go out, they will be finished sometime tomorrow then we are going to post the partner list on the blog as well to ensure we got everyone and have all of your blogs featured---so if you didn't send us your blog addy, please do so! ((or leave a comment here so I can update our list :)


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Looks like you are having fun with the photoshop! Great colors on your trial piece there.

Oooh, I feel sorry for you having to mow that huge lawn in that heat, ewww. You go ahead and bit&h, we don't mind!! :oD

Smiles, Karen

Clementine & Mandarin said...

Great job on photoshopping! Gasp, mowing? in this heat? I feel like fainting just thinking about that. Hope it went well.