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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Almost Invisible-No More!!

***Almost Invisible" by Jodi Ohl

The funny thing about life, it doesn't always happen as you plan it would.
As a young girl, I dreamed of being a published author. One that wrote tales that would spin and entertain long after my dust belonged to the wind. Along the way though, I realized that my writing was less then stellar and my discipline to write those tales was slim to none. My path changed and went 360 degrees from any notion of creativity for almost 17 years. Yikes. 17 years. In 2007, I once again found my creative voice and it feels so good to finally hear that voice. It's not so much that I have earth shattering revelations about the world and the state of the union, I am simply sharing pieces of me and my life and trying to understand what it all means. And I'm doing it in a way that is really gratifying.
I'm even more excited today to say that I am finally published! Published in such a different way than I would have thought I would be when I started out my freshman year in college as an English major, but published nonetheless! YIPEEE. This is actually a "free" publication in Wimington, NC called Bootleg which features the happenings around town in the art, music, and community event scene. While I live about 3 hours from Wilmington, the reporter sought out our guild, Carolina Mixed Media Guild and did a 3 page feature on us. The article was a discussion on Mixed Media art as interpreted by our officers of the guild. I'm tickled to have such a representation of my art in this article.
I'm only hoping this is just the start of many more articles and features to come as I really feel I have found my calling. It can one get better from here :)
Thank you for your support and encouragement I've felt along the way. It really has been the wind at my back pushing me along and guiding me.


Happy Father's Day Dad if you read this AND Birthday!!!



Christy said...

Congratulations Lucy! That is fantastic!!

Paula said...

Wow ~ Congratulations! Absolutely too cool. You're art has progressed so far that you're completely right. It can only get better from here. YAH!!!

jar said...

Congrats!! This goes along with the book that you have been reading (which I cannot remember the name of:-)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

HoOrAy! ~**~ CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS~!!!
What exciting news and I am not in the least surprised that someone else found out about your gifts!!!
Blessings Friend!

Mónica Zúñiga said...

It is so nice to find your calling, once you are there, everything starts to "fit in" I know many wonderful things will come to you!! Congrats!!

Dinah said...

Congratulations lady! I personally love the way you write.

Heidi said...

Lucy, that's just awesome! I'm thrilled for you. :) May it be only the beginning of many published pieces in the future!

Jeanne Rhea said...

You are lucky your pieces were chosen instead of being interviewed! At least once a piece is made you had total control over it and in an interview, you cannot edit or rethink or redo the way you said something. I will never give another verbal interview. If someone wants to interview me, they can send me a list of questions.


laura said...

I couldn't stop smiling when I
was reading! are multifaceted...a writer, artist, corporate trainer, mother, blogger and who knows what else is there too! Good for you!

I love that it's in color too!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

That is fabulous Jodi!!! Congratulations!! I know you are a wonderful writer just from reading your blog--and now a lot more people will know! We have one of those types of newspapers here in Duluth it!! Hopefully this will be an ongoing thing huh???
Smiles, Karen

Heidi said...

congrats on being published. We can say we "knew you when." :)