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Friday, May 16, 2008

WIP--Faith ( Complete)!

Edited--WIP now complete and up in my shop!I finished by grounding the window in a pale blue gray, added more definition to the light shining through, highlighted with some blue/pearl paint, and deepened the contrast on the textured areas with charcoal pencil.

Yesterday I bought a new toy. The toy itself is wonderful, learning Corel and adobe--can we just say there is a major learning curve going on here???? It may be a while before I do any digitally enhanced photos. Yikes!! I have a new found respect for digital artists!! Actually yesterday I spent a bucketload of money. In addition to my new toy, I also ordered a nice new bed for DS. He's siked, I'm siked. Although I hate parting with money, at least we will have something to show for it. Just doing my part to keeping the economy going!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend, see this week!



We all need a little more of it in our lives.

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(((It's odd to read, WIP--Faith now that i see it written. However, it's very true. My faith and beliefs are forever a work in progress as am I.))))


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Now that you mention true! It really is a WIP. Love the new work-- great colors.
Smiles, Karen

Heather Robinson said...

This just stirs up so many feelings as I look at it! How many times have I sat in church and marveled at the sun streaming through the beautiful windows! You have captured this beauty so well!

laura said...

I thought the same thing too! What an original painting...I haven't seen anything like this on Etsy...I (like Heather) have admired light streaming through windows many times...The colors are nice too.

Paula said...

My jaw dropped open when I saw your "Faith". Love the light. and yep, isn't always a wip. So appropriate...