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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The House on the Hill

Sorry about the assortment of pictures, just couldn't pick any one to show and tell today. I'm pretty proud that I actually finished several things this week. Crossing off the list and accomplishing what you set out to do is a good feeling. Wish I could do more of that at my day job!!!

Anywhoo--having lots of fun at my part time job working from home in the luxurious studio ala dining room!!

Quick art card 4x6 "Send Me a Sign". There's very light journaling on here that starts off to say "When one door opens, another closes.....or is it when one door closes, another one opens, how will I know what is right, who will show me the way...........Someone please, send me a sign. Oh Dear Lord, send me a sign." Don't read too much into just was thinking about the bird whispering in my ear as I stamped and embossed this image and imagined it being my messenger to all of life's 'sign' in essence.

Awhile ago, I made a quick sketch and then painted out the basics of the sketch on a small art card so I used that idea and made this 6x6 piece on wood called, "It's My Birthday". Every girl deserves a little indulgence once in while. Why do we have to hide behind our desires??? Can't we have our cake and eat it, too?? Well, we can but eventually the hips catch up to us--but a little cupcake here and there surely can't hurt!

Pretty polka dot sprinkles, sweetheart lips, pink and brown cupcake, aqua and pearl background, what more could a girl want?? I am going to make a couple more in this same style.

Anyone have any ideas on cute whimsical but indulgent topics I could make into a painting??
Finally finished these three 6x6's on canvas.

The series is sold separately but desperately wants to go to the same home :)
"The House on the Hill"
I messed up the order of these pics. The Flower should go in the middle. It's symbolic of the desire to plant roots, to have a place to nurture and cultivate of my own.

This is the first piece...."The House on the Hill: The Dream

Then we have the last:

The House on the Hill: The House (lol creative, huh)

I just love this funky bird and crazy sweet pink house. The little lady is listening for her sign from thebirdy, and dreaming about the house on the hill--the garden, the place where she can plant her roots and fulfill her dreams.

Phew. Uploading, editing, resizing and listing these puppies took me a little short of forever to do!! All but one of the features tonight are listed on Etsy. Check em out to see a few different pics as well.

Oh...I FINALLY figured out how to use that little link icon!! Dang, what in the world was I thinking typing out the html code over and over again??? Am I the last to know these things??

Jane-(and others who have commented about this over the last few weeks)--thanks for the observations about my artwork. I think last year at this time, I was really confused, saddened by a lot of difference things and really struggling with a lot of emotions. I wasn't depressed, but more angry and confused, thus the darker more all over the place type collages. This year and over the last few months, I definitely have developed a sense of peace about my life. I've become more hopeful and inspired along the way AND with every passing day. Not saying I don't still struggle with questions about so many things that have happened over the last couple of years, but through this blog, my friends and family, and of course my artwork, a lot of healing has happened. I'm more inclined to reflect that in my pieces than I was earlier in the year.

Thank you for checking in here with me. I hope you have a creatively good rest of the week. I wish peace and strength for you and your journey for finding all the answers to the many questions and struggles that we all face each and every day.


Leah said...

i love that art card! i like to think of birds whispering in my ear and bringing me messages sometimes too. you're bursting with creativity. so great to see!

Clementine & Mandarin said...

Love the birdy and the birthday is absolutely adorable. I love cupcakes, yummy!

Thanks for your wonderful comment! It was super sweet and very touching.

Like the comment above, it's great to see you bursting with creativity!!!!!

laura said...

I love the pink house and I'm moving in! I really really really really hope you do some prints of'd lose the wonderful detail on the sides, but these are perfect for prints or greeting cards too!

The Bag Lady's Art said...

Hey Lucy, I tagged you, so go and check out my blog to see what's up!

Kai said...

I LOVE these pieces, Lucy! My people (Comanche) believe in communicating with ALL animals & living things, so the bird especially appeals to me! And I really appreciate the happy colors you used! You are a very fine artist with a fun & whimsical spirit!

Rebecca said...

Hello friend! I haven't been to visit in ages! That is shameful. I've missed you!

These new pictures are wonderful! And with every piece of your art I love the story they tell.

I won't be a stranger! Promise.

Tess said...