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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tiny Art

I have another order coming up for my Sweet HeART magnets so I thought I'd play around and make a few ACEO's.
It's funny, I have a much easier time working on larger canvases but these cards were fun to make and are adorable. I had a real small frame I tested one in and they look great in it. Gotta branch out and try new things, right?

So, I'm thinking about getting a y'all believe the dang gas prices?????? I decided not to go on any road trips this year because of it. Maybe some people haven't changed their driving habits, but I can say I surely have. The only thing I haven't done differently is to stop going home for lunch....but that may come soon if the prices don't go down soon. Other than that, because we live out in the country, I really try to plan my route so we are not going back to town 2 or 3 times a day--or on a weekend. Josh said Mom, we can always walk.
Child, do you know how long 10 miles is??? LOL Mama ain't walkin' to town anytime soon!
(((all 3 new in my shop!))

Enough venting. LOL Doesn't change anything but it does make you feel better!

Not much going on at the ranch today, just going to make our 1 trip to town, hopefully pick up a new outfit for my meeting on Tuesday, do some errands, go look at some stuff a friend has for sale, make dinner and drown my sorrows in some chocolate brownies. Maybe continue working on the 3 new art pieces I have going.
What about you??


Paula said...

A scooter would be a blast and save on gas. Do it!! What are your gas prices? Ours are $3.49 a gallon right now. UGLY!
The sun is shining and my brother is here visiting from NY, so we will be going to the beach today...

laura said...

It's so funny how we make connections that are so wrong! I could have sworn you lived in a very urban area townhouse!!! How could I have gotten it so wrong??? :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Love your new ATC's!!

Gas is $3.85 gallon here--for reg unleaded! MAN! I have been seriously trying to cut back on my travelling--multitasking the driving. Luckily, most of my driving is in a 5 mile radius.

I found the perfect frame for the "gift" you sent me! I had originally put it in a new, shiny frame but it didn't look quite right. I went to the Goodwill one day and found a really cute old, slightly distressed black wood frame for $1! It's perfect! I put a pic on my blog if you'd like to check it out. Thanks again for the lovely artwork-- I really love it.

Smiles, Karen

linda t said...

Love your work Lucy.
I sure wish you could stay home and create all day long... and someday sweet Lucy, that just may happen...

Jane said...

Gas is already $4 here in LA. I lucked out and filled up when it was a mere $3.89. Who hoo! I have cut back a bit in the day to day driving. We did take our road trip and decided next time to fly, it's nearly the same price when you take into account two nights in a hotel along the way and back. Do you have any of your art hanging in local restaurants? I saw that a lot in Santa Fe and it is really great exposure. I just know someday I am going to read about your gallery showing!

Vallen said...

I think you would look divine on a scooter. It certainly is worth thinking about these days as it is unlikely gas prices will go down any time soon.
I love the tiny art. It is very endearing.
I'll be over for some brownies.

Alyice said...

Ha Ha. Too Funny, "Mama ain't walking ten miles!" I hear you!

We live in a small town, nearly 45 minutes from the big city where we do most of our shopping. We wait until the week-end to head out for our errands and such and make sure we hang out a bit when we get there so it doesn't feel like a waste of money--like spending 2 hours reading and drinking Java at Barnes & Noble, seeing a $3 movie, or visiting the in-laws.

I love the spring and summer months because everything in this town is accessible by walking--library, chiropractor, dentist, utilities, hardware store, local mom and pop shops, Dollar General, and even the town grocer.

But you WON'T catch me walking during our winter months. It's just too cold--paralyzing really.

I tried talking hubby into a scooter, too. He won't go for it, though he is trying to hit me up for a motorcycle. I'm sorry but those things scare me, especially since our neighbor's hubby died hitting a calf head on.

Leah said...

love those cards, lucy. they are so sweet!!